Because it’s Friday, here’s another music video just released today by Wyclef Jean inspired by the events taking place in Egypt. It’s more of a slow jam but should have your head bobbin’ a little to the rhythm. It’s one man, one guitar, one song — interspersed with some images from the struggle. He calls it: “Freedom”. Dig:

Here’s what Wyclef had to say about Egypt on his blog last Sunday:

Today’s sermon if we can call it that is not going to be long. It is about Egypt.
Genesis 4: I will go down with thee into Egypt; and I will also surely bring thee up again:
God said those words to Moses when he was afraid of going down into Egypt to do what he was called to. Moses didn’t want to go alone. God promised Moses he would go down with him and bring him back again. In other words, God told Moses, I have your back.
Today the situation in Egypt reminds me of Moses’s quest and what God told him. Egyptians feel like they are in bondage. For the past week we have seen them crying out for rights and freedoms. They don’t consider their government a true democracy. They consider it a dictatorship.

Living in “democracies” we often take things like freedom of speech and freedom of assembly for granted. The people of Egypt are showing the world what a desire for real democracy can do. They are peacefully expressing their right to speak freely and openly. Our message to our Egyptian brothers and sisters is that the Lord will surely bring you up again. Keep fighting for change. You are not alone. God has your back


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