so says the lie he told Greta Van Sustren on Fake Noise (Hat Tip, Heather at Crooks and Liars):

Walker claimed he’d never spoken to the Koch brothers before and he was just taking a phone call from one of the countless people who call him every day when he allowed the… you know… fake Koch brother to take up twenty minutes of his time.

It’s pretty amazing that someone he’s never talked to before managed to get twenty minutes with him when Democratic legislators and union leaders have said he’s not taking their calls.

So, Walker claims he’s never met the Koch Brothers before, and never spoke to that bucket of pus better known as Andrew Briebart.  Note to anyone doing business with Brietbart: if he owes you any money, you’d best try to collect after Shirley Sherrod gets her cut of his shyt.

Walker obviously thinks the Wisconsin voters are really, really stupid:

Good grief what a horrible liar. Walker obviously thinks the voters of Wisconsin are idiots incapable of listening to a recording or reading a transcript. When John Nichols was talking to Ed Schultz about Walker’s potential ethical and legal problems after this prank, he said there hasn’t been anything that the voters of Wisconsin have been paying as much attention to since Brett Favre quit the Packers. I hope as many of them as possible get a chance to watch this little lie-fest with Greta since they’re obviously paying attention to what’s going on.

Brietbart is the blog version of Typhoid Mary – anyone he comes into contact with gets harmed big time.  Now he’s playing a big role in whether or not Scott Walker can continue as Wisconsin’s governor, while Walker denies even meeting the brothers who poured millions of dollars into his campaign to make sure a Tea Bagger got elected.  If that’s not ingratitude, I don’t know what is, especially since that transcript clearly shows he thought he was talking to David Koch when he said he had a baseball bat waiting on his opposition.

File this under the “You Can’t Make This Shyt UP” file.  At this rate, Scott Walker will outpace Governor Grifty Half-Term McQuitter for cornering the market on the burning STUPID.

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