Winning the Future: Investing in education to compete in the global market

President Obama dedicated this week’s address to the intertwined issues of education and global competition for jobs in the 21st Century. Speaking from the Intel campus in Oregon, the President stressed how the jobs of tomorrow are being provided by companies like Intel who are looking for workers with background educations in math and science. The fact that America has fallen behind other countries in such fields, President Obama argued, is cause for concern and all the more reason why the United States should invest in education to win the future:

“Companies like Intel are proving that we can compete – that, instead of just being a nation that buys what’s overseas, we can make things in America and sell them around the globe. Winning this competition depends on the ingenuity and creativity of our private sector, which was on display in my visit today. But, it’s also going to depend on what we do as a nation to make America the best place on earth to do business.

Over the next ten years, nearly half of all new jobs will require education beyond high school – many requiring proficiency in math and science. And yet today we’ve fallen behind in math and in science and in graduation rates. As a result, companies like Intel struggle to hire American workers with the skills that fit their needs. If we want to win the global competition for new jobs and industries, we’ve got to win the global competition to educate our people. We’ve got to have the best trained, best skilled workforce in the world. That’s how we’ll ensure that the next Intel, the next Google, or the next Microsoft is created in America and hires American workers.”

With that being said, the President lauded his administration’s efforts in education, highlighting such initiatives as America’s Race to the Top, making college more affordable, and connecting graduates with businesses looking for their skills. Looking towards America’s youth and innovative spirit, President Obama was confident that America can succeed:

“The truth is we have everything that we need to compete – bold entrepreneurs, bright new ideas, and world class colleges and universities. Most of all, we have young people just brimming with promise and ready to help us succeed. All we have to do is tap that potential.”

President Obama’s Weekly Address:

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