Below is a collection of some nice offerings from the interwebs, Twitternets and our very own comments section backed by the musical stylings of the Song Du Jour. Go ahead, get some get right.

Breakin’ Off Somethin’ Proper: South Sudan Votes to Secede [Al Jazeera]

In Good Order: Carlene Firmin Youngest Black Woman to Receive MBE Honor [The Guardian]

So…What Happens If Mubarak Hangs Tough? [The Atlantic]

VIDEO: John Conn–err…President Obama Addresses Chamber of Commerce on Winning the Future [YouTube]

VIDEO: Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage at Show, Does Not Ask Her To Purify Herself in Lake Minnetonka [Gawker]

At HuffPo/AOL and Writing for Free? Kind of A Sucker Move [Media Strut]

And on That Pale Horse Rode Death…: Waka Flaka Flame to Be New Face of PETA Campaign [XXL]

Glenn Reynolds Attacks NAACP In An Adorably Desperate Sort of Way [Oliver Willis]

Dave Bing Inviting Big Ideas In The Motor City [WaPo]

Hang in there, faithful JJPers. Success is, and will forever be, the best payback.

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