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Whoopi Mad the New York Times Overlooked Her Oscar, Missed Point of Article Entirely [THR]

Toussaint’s Note: If you read the Times article and follow silly things like article continuity and verb tenses, you’ll see that Whoopi got into a huff over nothing. Calling it “sloppy journalism” is entirely unfair. To wit:

Nine years ago, when Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won his and her Oscars — he was only the second African-American man to win best actor, and she was the first African-American woman to win best actress — each took a moment to look back at the performers from earlier generations who had struggled against prejudice and fought to claim the recognition too often denied them.

Nine years ago, meaning 2002 if you’re doing your calculations at home. Relevant? The next paragraph would say YES.

Real change seemed to have come to movies or at least the Academy, which had given statuettes to a total of seven black actors in the previous 73 years. After Mr. Washington and Ms. Berry, there would be Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker (both best actors); Morgan Freeman (best supporting actor); Jennifer Hudson and Mo’Nique (best supporting actresses). The consolidation of a black presence in the movies and television did not signal the arrival of a postracial Hollywood any more than the election of Barack Obama in 2008 spelled the end of America’s 400-year-old racial drama. But it was possible, over much of the past decade, to believe that a few of the old demons of suspicion and exclusion might finally be laid to rest. [Emphasis mine]

Hmmmm…”Real change seemed to have come to movies.” To what does that real change refer? Ohhhh…it’s referring to 2002 when a Black man and Black woman won Oscars for Best Actor and Actress respectively. So Whoopi does get overlooked. Wait a second, that’s not true! She and six other winners were used as pre-2002 perspective. How do we know this? Because the article says so, namely in that  “which had given statuettes to a total of seven black actors in the previous 73 years” part. So, basically…the article is talking about Black Oscar winners since 2002 and the dearth of diversity this year. Hell, the article doesn’t even specifically mention Denzel’s Oscar for “Glory.” (Oh yeeeeah…He diiiid win an Oscar for that.)

Settle down, Whoop.

*Marcus takes a deep breath.* Happy Tuesday, JJPers. Ladies, don’t let a pimp catch you, even if you feel weak. Fellas, don’t be a trick on the street.

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