Below is a collection of some nice offerings from the interwebs, Twitternets and our very own comments section backed by the musical stylings of the Song Du Jour. Go ahead, get some get right.

VIDEO: Obama Has Sit Down with Bill O’Reilly, Discusses Presidential-Type Things [YouTube]

A Gallery of Super Bowl Ads That Were Of Varying Effectiveness But Not Terribly Creative [THR]

Aguilera’s Live Anthem Further Proof That Lip-Syncing Isn’t Always a Bad Thing [Examiner]

AOL Buys HuffPo for $315 Million; HuffPo Contributors Await Reparations [THR]

“So This One Time, Mubarak Walks Into a Bar…: Saudi Comics Poke Fun at Arab World [NPR]

Southern Sudan No Longer Into North, Seeks Separation [CNN]

Dog Daze: Two Arrested After Deadly Shoot At Youngstown Omega Psi Phi House [The AP]

Jury Selection Begins For Pa. Judge Who Sent Kids Up In Return For Money [Philly Burbs]

Happy Monday, JJP Readers. Don’t let your lives pass you by.

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