Below is a collection of some nice offerings from the interwebs, Twitternets and our very own comments section backed by the musical stylings of the Song Du Jour. Go ahead, get some get right.

* Gadhafi/Gaddafi/Qadhafi’s Loyalists Clap Back on Protesters [WSJ]

* Barack Obama, Socialist Muslim, Wants to Ruin the Sanctity of Marriage for the Men and Women Who Hold It Sacred 50% of the Time [The NY Post]

* Since the Block is So Hot in North Africa, Speculators Are Shook and Wheat Continues to Plunge [Bloomberg]

* Is Chicago Past Racial Elections? (Just Indulge Us a Bit) [ABC 7]

* Rahm Emmanuel’s Victory Shows Crippled Leadership of Chicago’s Black Wards [Examiner]

* Anti-Abortion Billboard Targets Black Women Because Black Women Are Abortion Crazy–Like Boy Crazy, But with Abortions–and If They Don’t Receive the Benevolence of People Who Know Better, They’ll Just Keep Aborting and Aborting and…[HuffPo]

* Italy Asks for Help from EU for Fear of North African Refugees ‘Stinkin’ Up the Joint’ [The Canadian Press]

* Baron Davis Traded to Cleveland, Foresees a Lengthy Hamstring Injury in His Future [ESPN]

Penultimate Thought: If you request that I call you Triple A because you “get [your] advance in advance”, I’m gonna need you to account for that third ‘A’.

Final Thought: This Thursday is very special, JJPers. Have more sense than Qaddafi.

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