Below is a collection of some nice offerings from the interwebs, Twitternets and our very own comments section backed by the musical stylings of the Song Du Jour. Go ahead, get some get right.

VIDEO: Egyptian Protesters Hanging Tough [The AP]

Haiti Awaits Election Results; Security Forces Await Block Getting Hot [AFP]

Beyond Redefining Rape: Three Hidden Dangers of H.R. 3 [Daily Kos]

Human Rights Community Wants Obama to Walk the Walk [NPR]

Refugees United: A Search Engine That Counts [Wired]

As Tent City Prisoners Freeze, AZ Sheriff Proves He’s Still an Insufferable Turd [KPHO]

Limbaugh Wept: Fox Accidentally Predicts Obama Reelection, Again [Daily Kos]

College Football’s National Auct–errr…Signing Day Full of Surprises [ESPN]

Terrence Howard’s New Wife Finds Out He’s Terrence Howard, Files For Divorce [Bossip]

Yes, JJP readers. We’d rather be with you…

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