Remember this beautiful child’s life was cut short because some fool wants their “country back”.  I will always see this child’s face when I hear “I want my country back” from now on.

Sorry trolls, and apologists trying to excuse what happened in Arizona Saturday as being the actions of a “Lone Nut with a Gun.”  The last time a “lone nut” went off – hell, there’s never really a “lone nut” and as a blogger, I absolutely REFUSE to let off the gunman who shot down a U. S. Congresswoman and an innocent nine-year old girl as being a “lone nut”.

Sean Hannity, Bill O’ Reilly, Michael Savage, et al – everytime you called for someone who’s views you disagreed with; you have the blood of a Federal Judge, possibly a United States Congresswoman and an innocent nine-year-old girl on YOUR HANDS.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer – just STHU.  You contributed to this mess with the passage of SB1070 – asking Latinos, most American-Born, for their damned papers, and denying needed health care, in creating the state’s own Death Panels.

You in the MSM – you allowed Senator Country Last to bring out Sarah Palin and like a bad case of acne, that heffer will not go AWAY.  “Don’t ReTreat – Reload” are the words that the shooter of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), Jared Lee Loughner, heard as he pulled the trigger Saturday.

It is similar words that the following yahoos heard with their attempts to “take their country back.”  My colleague, Jill Tubman did her homework, and I’m sure she won’t mind me repeating the timeline that breeds this senselessness because many of you “Fear a Black Planet”.  Why, just this morning, we got word that Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL), a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, got threatened that he’s next:

NBC Chicago is reporting that Illinois Congressman Danny Davis received an email threat on Sunday.

It effectively said, “Danny Davis is next.” There is no indication that the message directly referenced Saturday’s attack on Rep. Giffords, but NBC says the note was “presumably referring to Saturday’s shooting in Tucson, Ariz.”

UPDATE: Davis tells Chicago Breaking News that the threat might have usually been ignored, but in light of Saturday’s shooting it was reported. “In this climate, it pays to be as cautionary as one can be,” he said. Davis also added that the emailer is somebody who has been known in the Chicago community to “do this before.”

Hell, yeah, the Grifter is quiet as a mouse pissing on cotton – her Tweets advocating violence against elected officials, and elsewhere, while the MSM tries to dress her up as a SERIOUS POLITICO contender in 2012 – I consider she might as well have shot the congresswoman and Christina Taylor Greene, as well as the other victims as if she had the gun in her hand like she pretended to hunt on that Discovery Channel mess “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, which I hear, is NOT being renewed.

No matter – the damage is done.  And the ReThugs, taken over by the Tea Bag Gang, need to OWN IT.  You bastards can sure cry “Free Speech” when you’re agitating, but when the consequences come home to roost, you want to make excuses for a “lone nut, social-outcast” which are the labels being hung on Jared Lee Loughner, as a way to mitigate this tragedy.

I said this in the open comments thread, but I’ll repeat it here; it’s on and poppin’, now.  You agitators for Second Amendment rights and so on – here’s your results, and you have to own them because, if you look at that timeline of gun violence since 2008, each person caught said they heard something you said on your talkshows, radio shows, on the floor of Congress, etc., and said because YOU SAID IT, they followed up with ACTION like YOU would have WANTED.

You created the monster that is Sarah Palin, and she brought her grifting family along for the ride.  You created these loonies who are shooting at elected officials and killing innocent nine-year old girls in the process.  You have that child’s blood on your hands, and as a blogger, I’m not letting you forget it.

Bring it on, trolls – show us where your mindset is – IF YOU HAVE ONE.  Otherwise, I’m not in the mood, and never will be, not while you jackasses try to make excuses for THE UNEXCUSABLE.


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