Where are the jobs, Mr. Speaker?

Yeah, I’m asking.   Just like the guy who ran for Governor in New York on the “Rent is too Damn High” party.  Maybe we need a “Where are all the Damn Jobs?” party, considering neither party is making a move on job creation themselves. For all the talk going on about doing any and everything to stick it to the President from the Republicans, and they ARE IN CHARGE of the House of Representatives, I’m still not hearing a damn thing about job creation, except for Orange Julius’s new schtick.  From Crooks and Liars:

Is anyone else as tired of this latest talking points by Republicans that continually goes unchallenged by the media — spending cuts are going to create jobs. John Boehner claims he’s got hundreds of economists who agree with him after Chris Wallace points out that a lot of economists don’t agree with him, but of course Wallace didn’t bother to ask him what some of their names were.

How about we fix our trade laws and quit rewarding companies for outsourcing American jobs? Heaven forbid that never seems to be part of the conversation from our politicians when the topic of jobs comes up.

I have long said that we are regretting the passage of CAFTA and NAFTA – those two trade agreements sure as hell sent the jobs out of this country, and for those of you who don’t know – those jobs aren’t coming back.

I don’t know about you, but I have YET to see spending cuts in the Federal Budget create jobs, so I’m going to guess that the Speaker has been bellying up to the local Capitol Hill bars and coming up with these foolish theories that he touts on Fake Noise.  I’ve worked in the Federal Government – every time there was a budget cut, that meant two people were going to do the work of three or four people, because that job got eliminated due to a budget cut.

Many people are among the unemployed today because of budget cuts.

No economist worth their salt and reputation is touching this.  But the ReThugs’ strategy is to repeat a lie often enough that it’s eventually accepted as the truth.

Boehner said the stimulus President Obama passed was a FAILURE.  Tell that to those states and communities that would have gone under without it:

Failed stimulus? Are we in the midst of another Great Depression? No? Wasn’t that the purpose of the stimulus, to pull us back from the brink? The only reason it didn’t do better were all the stupid concessions added to get the Republicans to sign off on it. And as far as jobs are concerned, the unemployment rate is still bleak, but to ignore that the Obama administration — even with all the obstruction placed before them by the Republican Party — managed to create more jobs in 2010 than Bush did in all eight years of his term put together is fundamentally disinforming the public.

I’m getting real tired of the stupid burning – maybe we need to put out the stupid fire so people can get real information and make informed decisions.  And when they do, maybe they’ll wise up in 2012 and send the Tea Bag gang back to their caves, while Boehner can go back to being another politician staggering around on the Hill and being of no consequence.

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