Jared Loughner may not have attended a Tea Party rally or registered with any Tea Party groups, but he shares several similarities with the Tea Party movement.

1. Anger Against The Government

The first obviously is his anger against the government. His violent act reflected the anger against government for health care, and immigration symbolized by Sarah Palin’s placement of Rep. Gifford in the crosshairs of gun.

While Loughner’s rants may seem like those of a madmen, so do most rants from Tea Party members. Several elements from Loughner’s rants directly tie him the Patriot Movement, anti-New World Order crowd, that is prominent in the Tea Party.

2. Obsessed With The Constitution

Like many in the Tea Party, Loughner was obsessed with the Constitution. He would use the Constitution to back up his nonsensical arguments constantly according to teacher’s and classmates.

3. Major “New World Order” Conspiracy Theorist

Also like many people in the Tea Party, Loughner was a conspiracy theorist. He believed in a New World Order conspiracy and global currency plot, not unlike the Patriot Movement section of the Tea Party, represented by Alex Jones and Ron Paul. His views on currency also mirror Ron Paul’s and the Patriot movement’s according to the SPLC.

4. Connected To White Supremacist Organization

According to Fox News, the Department Of Homeland Security has tied Loughner to American Renaissance, a pro-Tea Party white supremacist organization. Both the NAACP and myself have connected the Tea Party to several white supremacist organizations.

5. Ayn Rand Fan

Loughner listed Ayn Rand’s “We Are Living” as one of his favorite books. Ayn Rand is Tea Party hero credited with inspiring its philosophy.

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