President Obama wishes a Happy New Year, looks forward to the year ahead

President Obama used this week’s address to extended a New Year’s Message to the American people. However, while millions of Americans pledge to eat healthier and exericse more at the start of the new year, the President stated that his New Year’s resolution is to grow the economy, create jobs and strengthen the middle class. In doing so, the President hopes to sustain what he recognizes as “. . . a few months of economic news that suggests our recovery is gaining traction.”

Boosting the nation’s economy in the long run, President Obama said, will require a necessary forsight to plan ahead, not just for this year, but for years to come. With the 2010 Elections ushering in a new group of legislators and a Republican-controled House of Representatives, the President noted that the responsibility and accountability moving forward will fall on both parties to help the American people.

Looking towards the future, President Obama outlined some of the important questions facing the nation as it heads into the new year of 2011:

“Still, even as we work to boost our economy in the short-term, it’s time to make some serious decisions about how to keep our economy strong, growing, and competitive in the long run. We have to look ahead – not just to this year, but to the next 10 years, and the next 20 years.

Where will new innovations come from? How will we attract the companies of tomorrow to set up shop and create jobs in our communities? What will it take to get those jobs? What will it take to out-compete other countries around the world? What will it take to see the American Dream come true for our children and grandchildren?”

The President’s Weekly Address:

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