Unca Clarence’s Excuse For Not Reporting his Wife’s Income on his Tax Returns….since 1996

Seems like Unca Clarence is in trouble for failing to report on his tax returns all that scratch his wife was earning from organizations that would have upcoming cases before the Supreme Court.

Clarence’s excuse for not including his wife’s income for the past several years?  THE DOG ATE IT:  From POLITICO:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has amended 13 years’ worth of disclosure reports to include details of wife Virginia Thomas’s sources of income, documents released on Monday show.

The documents indicate that Thomas’s wife, who goes by Ginni, had worked for Hillsdale College in Michigan, the Heritage Foundation and the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, among other entities.

Like all federal judges, Thomas must file annual disclosure reports on his personal finances, but he had omitted details of his wife’s earnings in what he wrote was a “misunderstanding of the filing instructions.”  (emphasis mine). He also had checked a box marking no spousal income.
First off, if any of us did that shyt, we’d have to call a lawyer.  As long as anyone has filed tax returns, how the hell could a Supreme Court Justice, a constitutional SCHOLAR, misunderstand the filing instructions, when it clearly states ” fill in your spouse’s income“?
While unemployed, I still get taxed on my benefits, and if anyone should catch a break from paying taxes until gainfully employed, are the UNEMPLOYED.  So Clarence’s explanation ain’t makin’ it. Additionally, he thinks his revised tax forms will shut everyone up about Miss Ginni’s last job:
Thomas did not include in his new submissions any information about Ginni’s work for Liberty Central, a tea-party-affiliated group. The group’s 2009 990 tax form did not include any payments to her and she stepped down from her official role with the group in November.
The ambitious gang at Daily Kos are calling for Unca Clarence to be impeached.  While that’s probably the fantasy of every self-respecting person in America, and especially Black people, hell will freeze over and Satan will have snowball fights with Dick Cheney before that happens.
And the folks at Common Cause ain’t buying Unca Clarence’s excuse, either:

Last week, watchdog group Common Cause reported that none of the nearly $690,000 the Heritage Foundation said it had paid Ginni Thomas between 2003 and 2007 had been reported on Justice Thomas’s annual financial disclosure forms.

In a statement Monday, the group said did not believe Thomas’s explanation.

“Justice Thomas sits on the highest court of the land, is called upon daily to understand and interpret the most complicated legal issues of our day and makes decisions that affect millions,” said Bob Edgar, Common Cause’s president. “It is hard to see how he could have misunderstood the simple directions of a federal disclosure form. We find his excuse is implausible.”

Until 1996, Thomas included his wife’s income on his disclosure forms.

We all know the ReThugs are going to cover this up, but as a Supreme Court Justice, this is but another example of Clarence Thomas’ incompetence as he sits on the Nation’s highest court and continues to perpetrate his self-hatred on anything Civil Rights, Equal Opportunity or Due Diligence.
Let me just say this: “If Clarence Thomas was a Democrat, _________”

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