As most of you know by now, the Republican Party held its vote and has elected a new party chairman. Michael Steele is out, and Reince Priebus (Think Progress analysis) is in. Here’s a pronunciation guide to the new chair: Rance PREE-bus. It sounds a bit like the name of a Roman criminal forced into the gladiator’s arena or perhaps a Sith from the Star Wars world: “As you wish, Lord Priebus!!” My favorite phonetic shortcut is “rancid Prius,” which works because it sounds close but also because with the GOP’s anti-science, climate-change-denying position, this is likely an accurate summary of the party’s attitude toward investment in greener technologies.

For an overview of the candidates, see Colbert’s analysis here.

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What’s a Reince Priebus?
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Meanwhile, Chairman Steele will be greatly missed. We’ve had some interesting times at JJP chronicling his buffoonery, tomfoolery and rare instances of sense-making over the past two years. I will miss the off-the-hook, urban-suburban hip hop flavor Steele brought to the RNC (along with one-armed midgets and strippers). He really tried to make the GOP a “big tent” organization, though often the structure felt more like a circus tent.

Here’s a playlist of some of my fondest Steele Memories.

I must admit to some sadness at the fact that the party didn’t elect Ann Wagner as chair. When asked what her favorite book was, she answered that her favorite bar was her kitchen table. I hope she stocks Tito’s Vodka, cause I’m coming over.

She certainly would have put the “party” back in GOP. Instead, we’ll have to live with Lord Rancid Prius and hope for the best.

What will you miss most about Michael Steele? What do you expect from Chairman Priebus. Disqus!

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