HLN – Salute To Troops
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Sometimes I watch CNN Headline News with Robin Meade. They often air a Salute to a Troop overseas from a family member or friend. These are definitely heartwarming yet it’s clear that although about 25% of American armed forces are African-American, the salutes sent in to CNN do not reflect our high participation in the military. Our patriotic sacrifice deserves as much recognition as those of other Americans don’t you think? CNN is expanding this program and have launched a new site at http://bit.ly/SendSalute so this is a great opportunity to celebrate your personal hero or heroine.

Troops can see CNN HLN out in the field and even if they miss the broadcast, the salutes get archived online.

Chances are, if you’re black, you probably know someone close to you who’s in the armed forces right now. I have several cousins in the military and know that it impacts the whole family and community when someone is sent into harm’s way or even just abroad to serve their country. No matter how you feel about Iraq or Afghanistan, the most dedicated and courageous service members in the world deserve our best wishes and hopes that they’ll come home soon.

With the new ‘create your own Salute to Troops’ website, you can build your own customized, multimedia salute featuring photos of your hero, his or her name and rank, even your voice if you want. Then you can and send it off immediately…

Create your own ‘Salute to Troops’ tribute here: http://bit.ly/SendSalute

Video above features Robin Meade explaining how it all works…
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