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Fanny Lou Hamer, a leader of the Freedom Democratic party, speaks before the credentials committee of the Democratic national convention in Atlantic City, August 22, 1964, in efforts to win accreditation for the group as Mississippi’s delegation to the convention. The Freedom group, composed almost entirely of Negroes, is opposed by the regular all-white Mississippi delegation.
—-AP Photo/stf

Do for Self
Dec 28 2010, 11:30 AM ET 11

There’s an effort under way to raise $125,000 to put a statue of Fannie Lou Hamer in Ruleville, Mississippi. Please contribute. It is not sufficient to spend one’s time complaining about how other people tell history, while making no efforts to tell history ourselves.

We have to go beyond correctives.

Good Morning.

As you make it through Hump Day, don’t forget JJP.

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And always, have a peaceful day.

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