Well, they might as well become the KKK; they’ve already elected Rush Limbaugh as their de-facto head of the party, and now they appear to have named Rep. Steve King of Iowa as Grand Wizard.  Peep this, from our friend, Greg Greene at TalkingPointsMemo:

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who’s been one of the most vocal opponents of the Pigford settlement for black farmers, has taken to cable news and the floor of the House to speak against the settlement. King’s argument is that the bulk of the Pigford II claims are fraudulent because there are fewer black farmers than claimants — a flimsy argument when you consider that many African-Americans lost their farms over the past few decades due, in part, to USDA discrimination that denied them loans — which is the point of the settlement program.On Monday night, he suggested that President Obama, as a senator, may have been prejudiced to help the black farmers.

Wait for the dog-whistle:

“Figure this out, Madame Speaker: We have a very, very urban Senator, Barack Obama, who has decided he’s going to run for president, and what does he do?” King said. “He introduces legislation to create a whole new Pigford claim.”

“Very, very URBAN“?  W-T-H did King mean by “URBAN”?

You might as well said: “Consider, Madame Speaker: we have a Nigger in the White House who used his position as a U. S. Senator to make sure his fellow Niggers got paid for being ripped off and discriminated against by our Government.”

Come on, when you heard “URBAN”, that was but another dog-whistle for calling the POTUS a Nigger.

I’ve already said in a post well over a year ago, these mofos should just go ahead and call the man a Nigger already and get it over with, because I’m getting sick and tired of the “code words” you force yourselves to use in the name of being “politically correct”.

To morons like Steve King, discrimination was a preferred way of life for their asses, until we Negroes started agitating for our Civil Rights which had been due to us from the time Lincoln, their hero, signed the Emancipation Proclaimation and freed us; the people who were BROUGHT HERE AGAINST OUR WILL, to do the labor their asses were too lazy to perform and made them filthy rich.

The Department of Agriculture engaged in known and documented discrimination against African-American farmers and Native Americans who just got run the hell off their land.  The Pigford settlement is but a FRACTION of what’s really owed African-Americans.  I remember when the Japanese Americans got their measely $20,000 from the government in reparations for being imprisioned in internment camps  in 1941, when FDR suspended habeas corpus because after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Americans believed every Japanese-American walking in the continential U. S. was just itching to tell Tojo in Tokyo where to send the next bomb off the West Coast. Hell, the Japanese who were in America (notably the West Coast) were more patriotic than any other ethnicity who were here!

In fact, Fred Korematsu went to court to prove he was an American, whose 14th Amendment rights were being violated – and the Supreme Court told him he was nothing more than a bonified Japanese guy.  Plessy v. Ferguson and Dred Scott decisions, Asian-style.

The GOP’s sainted hero, Ronald Reagan, was one who signed that order paying the remaining Japanese survivors $20,000 for the lost wages, businesses, homes and property stolen from them in the name of National Security in 1941 and beyond.  But he signed that order amid protests from other Rethugs, including himself, who stated if the government paid the Japanese, then the Black people would be next in line demanding reparations for slavery, and there were a lot more of Black people who are unargubly, descendants of slaves, and would, therefore, be ENTITLED to a government payout. 

Even Pookie, Ray-Ray and Skillet would be eligible for payouts, even if they were in the joint on lockdown.

Hoo boy, if the government paid one-TENTH of what they would be perceived to owe African-American descendants of slavery, can you say “Permanent Recession”?

Forget reparations – how about paying off those in Tulsa, Oklahoma – then known as “Black Wall Street” until lynch mobs came in and burned down the Black-owned businesses and property in 1921?  Last heard, there’s only one or two plaintiffs left in that case, which the government has conveniently kept buried (while Charles Ogletree of Harvard keeps bringing lawsuits) for damned near 100 years.

So the payout in the Pigford Case is small potatoes compared to what’s Really OWED US, but if they want to play dogwhistle politics and engage in this code-word shyt, I’m more than ready to meet them where they are, cause ignorants like Steve King do not have the cajones, or the political intellect it takes to engage in meaningful debate or, IOW, act like a real grown up.

The plan of the Klan is to stymie, seek, kill and DESTROY.  And if that is not their plan, make them state succintly what it is, in terms of problem-solcing and doing it better than the Democrats, as opposed to simply opposing the POTUS, saying “No” at the top of their lungs and engaging in this dog-whistling shyt, because facts are nuisance things to those who bring no substance to the table, anyway.

So, here’s my dogwhistle:

The Republicans = the KKK

Their leader is Rush Limbaugh

And their brand new Grand Wizard is Rep. Steve King of Iowa.  Repeat, Rinse and Spit.  So, if they don’t like being called bigots, then stop using terms like “Urban” regarding the POTUS or any other elected official who happens to be a Person of Ethnicity.  We will show we can blow dog-whistles as loud as you can, and probably louder.

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