In case you didn’t know, former DailyKos poster blackwaterdog has left that blog and opened up her own blog called The Only Adult In the Room.

BWD was hardly an editorialist: her specialty was just to report on the events of the President, First Lady and First Family, complete with pictures, videos and links. I have used BWD as a hat tip for many a post on the First Family.

Being run off from DailyKos, due to hostility towards BWD and her diaries was not enough. Even though she has her own space and wasn’t bothering anyone, she is now being attacked for just presenting the President’s accomplishments in a positive tone.

Here is the latest attack on BWD

The Blackwaterdog that barked wrong

This is what columnist Glenn Greenwald said about her new blog.

If Leni Riefenstahl were an Obama fanatic and had a blog, this is exactly what it would look like:… #CreepyReverence

Hitler’s favorite cinematographer! Wow!

Wow…..if BWD is Hitler’s favorite cinematographer, does that make Barack Hussein Obama —-HITLER??

Really? REALLY?

Here’s Glenn Greenwald’s Contact INFO:

Twitter: @ggreenwald

Good Morning.

As you begin a new week, don’t forget JJP.

Drop those links. Engage in debate.

Give us trivia and gossip too.

And always, have a peaceful day.

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