Happy almost 2011 everybody!

For being such good little minorities in 2010 and sticking up for your beloved Obama and gay soldiers, your good friends in Arizona have decided to ring in the new year reminding everyone that they hate Mexicans!

Your buddies in the state legislature and bff Governer Jan Brewer signed the law in May, but a new year brings new standards!

So where did the idea of ethnic studies originate?

The first ethnic studies course grew out of a student-led strike in 1968 at San Francisco State University, which among other things demanded an increase in recruitment of minority students, faculty and staff. Courses aim to address the role of minorities in American history, and while early ethnic studies classes focused on racism and oppression of minority groups, the field now includes the celebration of cultural achievements in music, film, television, politics and the arts.

You can read the full bill (it’s only 4 pages with a cover page) and gauge some analysis over at PBS NewsHour. You can even read the rant of Tom Horne, Arizona’s Secretary of Education, and how he took personal ignorance to a legislative crusade over at WaPo.

Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies

“So what” if ethnic studies programs acknowledge that our imperfect nation was built on the backs of non-white revolutionaries.

“Who cares” that personal pride in children largely is due to positive, contextual representations of people who look like them.

Ignore the fact that including a rich history lesson dilutes the importance of White Americans in our illustrious timeline and ultimately creates a better society.

Fox News says that our citizens are scared and are being killed in drug-related crimes (because, you know, White Americans don’t do drugs). We will do everything we need to stoke that fear, no matter how irrational, hateful, or misguided it is.

Besides, in 40 years, minorities will outnumber the majority, therefore becoming the minority and ultimately violating the statute we’re passing today.


And yes, I wrote about this in April.

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