If the Grifter looked like this…..(you fill in the blank)

First off, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.  But the Grifter is clinging to her 15 minutes of fame that has long outlasted its shelf life; so much so that KKKarl Rove and crew are taking aim at her ass for even THINKING she can become President of the United States.

But, Sister Sarah wants the President and First Lady to pay attention to her ignorant behind, and she whines, throws tantrums and gets in potshots like those high school kids used to do in Beverly Hills 90210 – and come to think of it, Kelly, Brenda, Brandon and crew were a damned sight better at it, than the Grifter.

So, if the Family of Grifters were (fill in the blank) they wouldn’t be allowed on television in any shape, form or fashion.

They wouldn’t be allowed a reality show where she gets to shoot a moose and reminisce about how she used to hunt with her father.  I think “Being Bobby Brown” finished US for reality shows (since we learned who the real “addict” was in the Brown family, and it really wasn’t Bobby)

Someone like Glenda Beck would be screaming about the fact that she’s married to a secessionist – and that no one’s investigating him for seditious acts against the American Government;

They wouldn’t have tried to rig Dancing with the Stars so her no-talented, no-dancing, single-had-a-baby-out-of-wedlock daughter could beat out someone who truly deserved it, like Jennifer Grey:

The Armed Forces wouldn’t have accepted her oldest son in the military in lieu of a jail sentence for drug possession;

She wouldn’t even have been Governor of Alaska, so she could quit halfway through her first term.  Makes you wonder about Alaskans’ ability to choose their state executives when she could “see Russia from her backyard.”

She wouldn’t be allowed to keep taking potshots at the First Lady’s campaign to eliminate childhood obesity.  Only a moron would advocate against a healthier lifestyle for children, and if she chooses to feed her children junk food, I don’t want her trying to get Bristol, Willow or Piper a gig hawking Jenny Craig, Slim-Fast, Nutra-System or the latest fad diet pill.

I already said why she keeps trying to get the POTUS and FLOTUS to respond to her potshots; (a) She wants to get her swerve on with the POTUS, and she can’t; and (b) Michelle Obama is an Ivy League-educated lawyer who could take out the Grifter without raising her voice, breaking a sweat, raising her fists, and the Grifter would be five miles down the road before she realizes she’s cut and bleeding.

Finally, I’ll let one of our commenters, Coop10, sum it up:

I despise her too because of what she represents. She’s touches a deep nerve in our collective black female psyche because we know that we couldn’t get away with any of the shenanigans that she’s getting away with.
There is no way that a black woman could have gone to six colleges to wind up with a broadcast journalism degree, been a mayor of a town the size of an urban high school, been the governor of a state with a population smaller than Charlotte, North Carolina, who quit halfway in her first term, married a man who was a member of a separatist organization,and who has absolutely no grasp of current events, history,or culture be seriously talked about as president of the United States….and to see her buying into the hype leaves me speechless. Whiteness has its privileges, I tell ya.
‘Nuff said.
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