The GOP LIED during the healthcare debate about DEATH PANELS..

Well, Arizona HAS instituted DEATH PANELS.

From ThinkProgress

Arizona Transplant Patients Plead With Jan Brewer To Reverse Life-Threatening Medicaid Cuts

Late last month, Mark Price, an Arizona father who had been battling leukemia for a year, died due to complications related to chemotherapy treatment he was receiving. Price had been awaiting a bone marrow transplant, but the state’s Medicaid program — Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) — had denied his application due to cuts to funding for transplant programs championed by Gov. Jan Brewer (R) and fellow Republicans. At the last minute, an anonymous donor came forward and offered to pay the $250,000 for the procedure, but by then it was too late.

Defending the decision to deny AHCCCS the money to pay for Price’s transplant, Brewer said that the “bottom line is that the state only has so much money and we can only provide so many optional kinds of care, and those are one of the options that we had to take” — implying that saving Price’s life was “optional.”

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ThinkProgress caught up with Brewer today (she was in D.C. for a Supreme Court case). We asked her about the transplant patient issue. At first she smiled at the question, but then went on to say that the “majority of people in Arizona are still able to get transplant funding” and that “Arizona has provided Cadillac insurance for Medicaid” unlike many other states. “Difficult decisions have to be made,” she concluded. Watch it:

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