The Tax Man Cometh…and a Brotha gets Jacked

Well, why not?  I swear, if Robert Downey, Jr., can resurrect his career after drug addictions and whatnot, why not Wesley, according to the Grio?

According to his attorney, Daniel R. Meachum, who is African-American, the distinction is very important because one is a felony and the other is a misdemeanor. Because Snipes was found guilty of three misdemeanors, carrying a possible one year sentence each, he received three years total. For him to serve jail time for misdemeanors is unusual. For his part, Snipes believes that he is a victim of many things, including hack accountants, Ponzi schemes and racism.

And this:

If that weren’t already enough to bring Snipes’s guilt into question, try holding a trial in a location known to still sympathize with the Confederacy, even in the 21st century. The entire time Snipes was on trial in Ocala, there was a Confederate statue outside the Marion County Judicial Center. Only in January 2010 did a commission successfully voted to relocate the “Johnny Reb” Confederate Civil War statue. That statue, according to a 2006 article by Joe Byrnes, honored Confederate leaders, including General Nathan Bedford Forrest, who is cited as the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The presiding judge refused requests from Snipes to move the trial from Ocala to New York City to ensure a fair trial.

I have to call out the “double standard” when I see it.  However, as a sista, I call out this “double standard” with reservations.

Like many women, we first caught Wesley sliding into 3rd Base in “Major League” and then he blew us away as Nino Brown in “New Jack City”.  From that point, even up to the cameo he had in “Waiting to Exhale”, Wesley kept us hooked – he brought “dark chocolate” back in fashion (for me, the chocolate brothas were never out of season, but that’s me)  and looked like maybe, he’d give Denzel a run for his money.

Then, while at the top of his game, Wesley sits down to an interview with Ebony magazine, and flapped his yap regarding his feelings towards sistas.  Why Linda Johnson Rice didn’t slap the taste outta his mouth, I’ll never know, but it was the “shot heard ’round the world” as far as his sista fan base was concerned. You remember this? (H/T, Post Bougeosie):

The Asian model and restaurateur he introduces as “my lady, Donna [Wong]” has been Snipes’ companion for the past year and a half When asked if he dates Black women, he says: “Primarily all of my life I’ve dated Black women…. Oh, most definitely. Oh, my God. Mostly. But it just so happens that now I’m dating an Asian woman. It’s different. Different energy, different spirit, but a nice person.” He says he is not ready for marriage; nor is Donna. “She’s got to learn to deal with the love scenes in the movies first,” says Snipes as he chuckles. “Got to get to a place where it’s very comfortable.”

Wesley says he realizes that there are Black women still who get an attitude about Black men with Asian, White or Hispanic women. “I know we’ve all been hurt, and we’re all very wounded,” he says, addressing Black women. “We have to acknowledge that, both male and female, in the Black experience. We’re a wounded people. And we want to possess and we want to own. We don’t want to compromise. We feel like we’ve compromised enough. But in any relationship you have to compromise. There’s no way around it. And I say to Black women also, Brothers who are very, very successful, or who have become somewhat successful, usually it’s been at a great expense, unseen by the camera’s eye….

“He doesn’t want to come home to someone who’s going to be mean and aggravating and unkind and who is going to be `please me, please me.’ He doesn’t want to come home to that. He doesn’t want to come home to have a fight with someone who is supposed to be his helpmate. So it’s very natural that he’s going to turn to some place that’s more compassionate…. You’ve worked hard and you deserve to come home to comforting. And usually a man who has that will appreciate it. Because I’ve never known one cat, all those cats I’ve hung out with and still hang out with, who found something that they really, really like and didn’t go back to it. They all go back. It’s very simple.”

Brotha hasn’t had a hit movie since, and the movies he made since that interview have gone straight to Blockbuster.  Karma?  It’s what’s for dinner.

Not that I disagreed with the perspective of the Grio – there is a double standard when it comes to US; be it entertainment, politics, and most definately the Justice system.  Even in dealing with the Tax Man.

Yeah, we know – but what if you don’t give “the Man” something to come at you for?  Oh, I know, the Man might make shyt up – but if your own game is tight, the Man has to either plant evidence and outright lie; maybe even find a few slave-catchers to authenticate his story in order to get a brotha.  But handing him your foolishness on a plate?  It looks like Wesley allowed too many people to manage his money – one thing I remember Bill Cosby saying to Oprah Winfrey on her show several years ago, was never to allow someone to manage your money to the point you don’t know what they’re doing.  “If you sign the check,” said Cos, “you will remember what the amount was and what it was for.  If someone else is signing checks for you, don’t get mad if you get ripped off.”

And Wesley just might have a point about how the justice system works for US and works for the Man.  But some sistas might be saying under their breath, “That’s what his black azz gets…”

What do you think?

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