Bill Clinton was once called the first black president, jokingly, due to his comfort with the African-American community. Sadly, we had to take back his black card due to the Clintons’ race-baiting during the 2008 Dem primary. (Believe us, it hurt us more than it hurt you, Bill.) Still, I definitely think it’s risky for a brother president to let the big dog get too comfortable in the White House and pinch hit his press conferences. Bubba made it clear how sad he was to move out in 2000. Barack — make sure America and Bill Clinton both know who the real dog in the House is. Apparently the Taiwanese agree – forget the Christmas party and stay on the scene next time. Peep the anime below.

BTW, my favorite part was the use of the Playboy bunny logo to call Bill Clinton to the White House Batman-style. Priceless. ROTFL srsly….

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