Jill Tubman and I were on the same wavelength about the ridiculousness of West, though we looked at him from different POVs.

This is Congressman-elect Allen West.

This is what West just said about the Congressional Black Caucus- a body he is set to join in January.

from The Hill:

Black Republican: Black Caucus preaches victimization and dependency
By Gautham Nagesh – 11/20/10 05:23 PM ET

Congressman-elect Allen West (R-Fla.), who said he plans to become the only black Republican in the Congressional Black Caucus, accused the organization of failing the black community by promoting dependence on government welfare programs.

“The Congressional Black Caucus cannot continue to be a monolithic voice that promotes these liberal social welfare policies and programs that are failing in the Black community, that are preaching victimization and dependency, that’s not the way that we should go,” West said on Fox News Friday. “And those are not the types of principles that my mother and father raised me with in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia.”

According to the U.S. Census, 5% of the Black population receives Government Assistance- welfare.

Five percent of the Black population in this country.

I follow the CBC, and have issues with them, but please lead me to the speeches where the voices of the CBC preached victimization and dependency. I’d like to know.

Considering that West has never had anything other than a GOVERNMENT JOB all his adult life, why doesn’t HE get off the Government dole? He’s got his paychecks, his healthcare from the Government all his adult life, but deliberately misrepresents the numbers of Black people actually on public assistance in this country, all while shucking and jiving that free market, Obamacare is socialized medicine, the Free Market is everything good about America bull that Republicans shill.

See, these are the problems that I have with Black Republicans. If all that West is going to do is parrot White Republican nonsense about Black people, then he can go somewhere and sit down. West has no more to say about problems in the Black community than any Representatives from the following states: Alaska, Washington, West Virginia, Hawaii, Iowa, New Mexico, Oregon, and any other community where the Black population is negligible. Representatives from Arizona, Colorado, and Nebraska represent more Black people – percentage wise – than West does in his Congressional District.

And why did West leave that Government job in the military?

From ThinkProgress:

Among the many issues that the author Krissah Thompson glosses over or ignores, the section about West’s abuse of an Iraqi man is the most troubling. Thompson writes:

West was charged by military authorities and forced to retire after firing a handgun near the head of an Iraqi police officer during an interrogation in 2003. The officer was suspected of having information about attacks on U.S. forces in the area. West admitted wrongdoing and paid a fine. His case became a cause celebre for conservative media personalities, and 95 members of Congress signed a letter to the Army secretary in support of him.

Thompson doesn’t mention that “military prosecutors said [West’s] actions amounted to torture and violated articles 128 and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.” The actual facts of the case are much more disturbing than Thompson describes:

According to an investigation and by West’s own admission, he walked into an interrogation room and placed a gun in his lap. If the Iraqi detainee didn’t talk, West told him, then West would have to kill him. The detainee insisted he knew nothing about a plot against West. The lieutenant then allowed his soldiers to beat the man. The detainee was then dragged outside, supposedly for his execution. But West fired over the detainee’s head. At that point, the detainee gave West information that may or may not have been helpful — the detainee told the New York Times he made something up just to save his life. In that same article, West admits he may have been wrong about there being an assassination plot.

West is just what the GOP ordered. Abuse of Iraqis while in uniform – right up the GOP alley.

What part of the Black community does West represent when he says the following:

From ThinkProgresses’ piece on West appearing on Meet The Press:

This might have been a good opportunity for Gregory to ask West if his “psychological profiling” plan might include anyone who identifies as Muslim. West has, after all, said that Islam is “a totalitarian theocratic political ideology, it is not a religion.” He believes that terrorism is part of being Muslim: “This is not a perversion. They are doing exactly what this book (the Quran) says.” West is proud of these beliefs — he says that “[u]ntil you get principled leadership in the United States of America that is willing to say that,” we won’t be able to “secure Western civilization.”

Considering that the largest percentage of Muslims in the United States of America are BLACK, I ask again….what part of the Black community does West represent?

Here’s what else West had to say:

West also accused Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) of playing the race card and employing double standards in his defense of Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.), who was convicted on ethics charges by a House panel this week. West said Lewis failed to come to his defense when he was the subject of racist attacks during his Congressional campaign.

“I think it shows this duplicitous standard, this hypocrisy where there are certain rules that apply to everyone else but those same rules don’t apply to the left,” West said.

West isn’t fit to shine John Lewis’ shoes.

What racist attacks against West?

Pointing out that he’s had associations with a criminal gang of bikers?

Bringing up the right-wing nut case that he was going to bring to Washington as his Chief of Staff?

Only when her insanity and bigotry was exposed, that she and West tried to play the victim cards, saying liberals were out to get them. No, when your craziness was put out there for all to see, you stopped playing big and bad, punked out, and tried to blame others.

From ThinkProgress

One of the places West liked to talk was Kaufman’s radio show on WFTL in Florida, making over 100 appearances over the past four years. Like her new boss, Kaufman is also no stranger to offensive statements:

– She said Jewish people voted for President Obama because “they don’t embrace being Jews anymore.”

– She said Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan “looks basically like Ed Schultz in drag.”

– Discussing illegal immigrants on her show, she said: “If you commit a crime while you’re here, we should hang you and send your body back to where you came from, and your family should pay for it.”

– At a rally with West standing by, she said: “Calling illegal immigrants ‘undocumented workers’ is like calling a drug dealer a pharmacist without a license.” “There are people who want to change your way of life, and some of them may be your gardeners,” she said.

– She also blamed undocumented immigrants for pollution and disease: “We are destroying the environment in this country at an incredibly accelerated pace because of this group of people who have come to this country and have to live a very substandard existence. They don’t have mufflers on their cars. I mean, it sounds like silly nonsense, but it’s not. The cumulative effect is huge. They live, you know, 10 to a household; they bring disease with them.”

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow highlighted a statement from Kaufman promoting violent insurrection, saying that “if ballots don’t work, bullets will.” Watch it:

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This is who West wanted as his Chief of Staff. That he even considered her says far more about WEST than it does Kaufman with all her craziness.

When exposed to the world, here’s what she had to say:

“I will not be used in an electronic lynching by proxy,” radio talk show host Joyce Kaufman just said, announcing why she won’t come to Washington to serve as the Broward Republican’s chief of staff.

An electronic lynching?

G-T-F-O-H with that.

All folks did was roll tapes of what she said. And, considering that West appeared on her show more than 100 times, don’t tell me he didn’t know all about her and what the stood for. That’s why I say that him even considering hiring her says far more about HIM than it does her.

West doesn’t represent any semblance of a Black community. So, he should go somewhere and sit down and do the kabuki dance that will make who sent him to Congress happy.

Nobody says that Black folks can’t be Republicans. Of course they can be Republicans. But, as one of my favorite posters -ptcruiser says about Black Republicans (I’m paraphrasing):

Until they can go into majority Black districts selling the Republican Party message, and get a majority of Black folk in a majority Black district to vote for them and elect them to office, they’re just blowing smoke. Get back to me when Black Republicans represent Black communities.

Thank you.

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