Field Negro has some seriously funny things to say about Sarah Palin’s desperate and belated trip to Haiti in an attempt to present herself as some kind of world leader. We must pray for the people of Haiti — will their afflictions never end cuz you know a Sarah Palin photo op holding some brown babies really ain’t that helpful.

I see where my girl Sarah is down in Haiti getting her missionary work on.
Good for her. Although I hear that her trip has more staging than a Broadway play. (Sorry folks, only FOX NEWS allowed.)

“I’ve really enjoyed meeting this community. They are so full of joy*,” . “We are so fortunate in America, and we are responsible for helping those less fortunate.”

Yes they are Sarah. They are a joyful bunch those Haitians.

Anyway Sarah, I hope you read my blog before you leave, because I have some travel tips on Haiti for you:

1. Caribou does not mean I love you in Creole.

2. Papa Doc was not the name of a famous pizza company there.

3. Port-au-Prince was not named after a famous American pop star.

4. Those little black things you see running around are children, not baby grizzly bears.

5. I know it seemed like a short flight but Haiti is not a part of Louisiana.

6. And, finally, whatever you do; please don’t tell them that you are there on behalf of FOX NEWS to investigate their pact with the devil.

Just to put the cherry on this sundae, here’s my fave comment from the Field’s readers:

Shady_Grady said…
I don’t know why you dislike Palin so, Field. I’m sure she has a good heart. Why just the other day she was telling Dr. Laura that SOMEONE needs to go to Haiti and help those n*****s…

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