So people are freaking out about the new TSA guidelines about full body search and the full body scanners. The TSA is rapping to us: Don’t sweat the technique. (Old Skool Rap reference– check!)

Americans have been pretty willing and cooperative. After 9/11, we bore the increasing requests and the lengthening lines. I’m a frequent flyer and any frequent flyer can tell you that it’s security theater and not security precautions. If a guy can board an airplane with his underpants full of plastic explosive and then detonate (even if unsuccessfully), then the current protocol is not working.

It’s clear that the American people have been pushed too far. The ziploc bags with our toiletries, taking out our laptops, taking off our jackets/shoes/belts — no one liked it but we were willing to be good citizens. If being treated like a suspected criminal is the price we need to be safe, ok — I just want to get to Cleveland, right?

Look, African-Americans — especially men over the age of 12 essentially — live this way full time, not just at the airport. Too many of us have had the experience of just trying to live life — a place to go, a person to see or vote for, a hospital to get to, a thing to do or buy — only to get pulled over or frisked or detained or followed around a store. We’re subject to search and  Now millions of Americans can experience this feeling of public humiliation and inconvenience too!

America — home of the free? Look Mr. President — when we elected you, we were hoping for hope and change like you said. And part of that meant a little less police state and a little more actual safety. At this point, as a people, we’re ready to push back. No more. It’s time for straight talk and common sense.

The TSA has let up before — it’s ok now for instance to bring tweezers in your purse and people also pushed back pretty hard on bringing medicine and breast milk in your carryon luggage successfully. There’s also a redress number if you’ve been put on the no fly list for no reason so you can travel to see your grandchildren or get to that meeting. TSA has shown that they can apply common sense and still keep us safe (and long lines a little shorter).

From now on, I for one would like to hear — if there’s some new annoying thing you want us to deal with at the airport, then you’d better be streamlining somewhere else. If you want to touch my hoo-has and coochie in public or take a picture of my buck nekkid, then I’d better be able to keep my shoes on or leave my laptop in my bag.

We deserve to be treated like human beings with dignity and decency. I’m not willing to give up 100% of my dignity nor that of my fellow passengers waiting in line even in exchange for .0005% more safety. Hell to the naw. Just like African-Americans continue to insist that we not all be treated as people in the act of commiting a crime as we go about our daily lives, so too do we sympathize with those who ask that they be treated with decency and respect when traveling to see their loved ones. We’re sweatin’ the technique and the powers that be betta listen up…

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