I haven’t felt this bad since 2004. I seriously had the blues for about a year after that election.

No other way to put it- the Democrats got shellacked, plain and simple.

For those of you who got out to vote, thank you. You can complain for the next 2 years. Those of you who sat on your behinds and had better things to do because you don’t think voting is important – STFU for the next 2 years.

Now, the GOP has to govern. They actually have to do something, outside of saying no. I went through a really vengeful mood for the past 48 hours, and couldn’t post until I calmed down. That said, I gotta say this:

For all you teabaggers running around talking about ‘socialized medicine’ and ‘ Obamacare’, when the GOP brings up giving you a voucher for your Medicare services, STFU.

For all you in Kentucky, when the next mining disaster happens and a group of folks winds up dead, when Senator Paul tells you that it’s ok for a few peasants to die in order to maximize the profits of the Mining companites, STFU.

For all you ‘recently unemployed’ folks who don’t seem to be able to find a job, and are receiving unemployment, when that runs out on the ‘good American’ that you are, and you realize that the GOP says, ‘ too bad’ and won’t extend unemployment benefits, STFU.

For all of you in Michigan who had your asses saved because the Government wouldn’t let the American auto industry die in this country – whatever the GOP does to you, too bad.

For all you parents who have a child with a pre-existing condition, and thought your worries were over because healthcare had passed and still voted for the GOP, STFU.

When you don’t have a pot to piss in, and you voted for mofos who basically want you to live as 3rd World Serfs, whatever happens to you – STFU.

Not angry at the Black or Brown voters across this country. The Latino vote deserves a salute for saving Harry Reid’s behind and figuring out that Angle WAS WHO SHE SAID SHE WAS. Never would have been close for Sestak at all in PA or Strickland without the Black vote. Alexi G only had the chance he had because of Cook County- he lost everywhere else in the state.

No, so, don’t want to hear anything slamming Black or Brown voters. You can bring this down to the fickle White voter, who gave George W. Bush 8 years to destroy the country, but have a temper tantrum that Barack Obama can’t clean it up in 2 years? So, you’re going to turn the House of Representatives back over to the SOB’s who have gone against everything that has remotely helped this country get back on its feet over the past 2 years.

You honestly think they’re going to GOVERN?

They’re not interested in governing. They are only interested in serving their corporate overlords, and their extremist positions.

WHEN they attempt to impeach this President for the crime of BEING PRESIDENT WHILE BLACK, don’t open your mouths:
1. YOU put them there.
2. THIS is who they’ve always been.

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