Who knew that civil rights hero and Congressman John Lewis was a poet? Does he lead secret Congressional Black Caucus poetry slams? Or does he just frequent his local jazz joint on Open Mic night?

Don’t matter cuz this is fierce and ya gots to dig. No disrespect to John Lewis, but he shoulda let Barack Obama borrow this for the campaign trail. It’s that good.

We are one people.

We are one family.

We are one house.

We are one America.

We hope. We Dream.

We educate our children. We heal our sick. We care for our wounded.

We clean up our rivers. We speak out…

We endure.

We vote.

If someone in your life ain’t ready to vote after this vid, well, then you may just have to hogtie em and drag em down bodily to cast that ballot! (just kidding, don’t hurt nobody, y’all)

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