This week the President discussed his foreign trip to Asia and efforts at home to reduce the federal deficit. President Obama stated that he took this trip to open new markets to help U.S. exports:

“The economic battle for these markets is fierce, and we’re up against strong competitors. But as I’ve said many times, America doesn’t play for second place. The future we’re fighting for isn’t as the world’s largest importer, consuming products made elsewhere, but as the world’s largest manufacturer of ideas and goods sold around the world.

Opening new markets will not only help America’s businesses create new jobs for American workers. It will also help us reduce our deficit – because the single greatest tool for getting our fiscal house in order is robust economic growth.”

As for the deficit, the President made quick mention of the three-year budget freeze that he submitted to Congress (he had proposed a freeze back in January, 2010), and advocated for limitations to earmarks as a way to reduce unnecessary spending.

President Obama’s Weekly Address:

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