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Steele on thin ice at helm of Republican Party
By The Admin on November 26, 2010

A significant bloc of Republican National Committee members wants embattled chairman Michael Steele to step aside, but the rank and file have failed to settle on a clear alternative, according to Associated Press interviews with committee members.

More than four dozen interviews with members of the 168-member central committee found fear that a badly damaged Steele could emerge from the wreckage of a knockdown, drag-out fight to head the party as it challenges President Barack Obama in 2012. While most agree that Steele’s time has been rough — and costly — the members also recognize that a leadership fight could overshadow gains that Republicans made in the midterm elections.

With balloting set to take place in just two months, many just want Steele to go.

“You can’t keep spending the kind of money they’re spending every month just to operate the RNC,” said committee member Ada Fisher of North Carolina. “I would hope he would step aside.”

“The question is who should be hired for the next two years, It’s not a matter of firing anybody,” said James Bopp, a committee member from Indiana who holds great sway among social conservatives on the panel. “I just don’t think Steele has performed at the level we need for the presidential cycle.”

In interviews with 51 committee members, 39 said they preferred Steele not be on the ballot when they meet near Washington in mid-January to pick their leader.

For his part, Steele hasn’t said whether he will pursue the 85-vote majority needed for a second term. Already, members have been hearing from others interested in that quest.


Steele started the job with a $23 million surplus; the RNC raised more than $79 million this year and has spent all of it. Some went to places that previously saw little RNC cash or interest, including five U.S. territories that each has three votes on the central committee.

Oh MC Steele…..

You can’t be surprised by this, can you?

Sitting out here, just as a casual observer, it was obvious from the moment of your election that you served one purpose and one purpose only: to give the GOP COVER as they attacked the first Black President.

Which, you were only so willing to do.

There was no racist remark that you weren’t willing to shin and grin and try and explain away over the past 2 years.

They’d do something obviously racist, and there you were, sitting there on national tv, with a calm expression on your face, pointing out how it wasn’t racist, no matter how strong the dogwhistle has been.

Nothing was too outrageous for you; nothing was said or published that made you go ‘ WTF, I’m not defending this crap on national tv’.


You shucked and jived your way through these two years, showing no resemblance of dignity or self-respect. It was all good, because you were getting paid. You had to grovel after you were actually honest about Rush Limbaugh…it really was cringeworthy, watching, time after time, that you tried to explain away the OBVIOUS – not the subtle, but dogwhistles so loud, they could be heard in another continent.

Well, now, they feel they’ve gotten their legs back, along with Citizens United, and, you’ve got to go, Michael. You’ve served your purpose.

But, why do I get the feeling that it’s going to go down like this?

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