If there’s someone working almost as hard as the President and First Lady to encourage folks to vote this year, it’s John Legend. Of course I love his new conscious soul album with The Roots called “Wake Up”. And it was hot to hear him sing the National Anthem at the first game of the World Series here in San Francisco.

Here he is, backstage at a rally in his home state of Ohio, talking about why voting is important to him.

He’s been touring the country singing to people. Have a listen to my favorite song right now “Wake Up Everybody” which Legend did with The Roots at a Live Earth Run benefit concert in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. It’s is a loving cover of the Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes version:

The world won’t get no better
If we just let it be
The world won’t get no better
We gotta change it, yeah
Just you and me
I need a little help y’all
I can’t do it alone

John also did a radio ad. This man is busy – and he can’t do it alone! From The Root:

The R&B singer asks “if you’re out there” still and down with Obama and the Democrats in 2010.

R&B singer John Legend may have told The Root that he was not optimistic about the midterm elections [2], but that didn’t stop him from recording a radio ad for the Democratic National Committee to urge voters, especially African Americans, to “make history again.” Titled “Out There” — a riff off of Legend’s hopey-changey hit “If You’re Out There [3]” — the radio spot warns that “the Republicans want to put us back on the very same path that got us into this mess ­and we can’t let that happen.”  The ad will run on a whole slew of black-targeted radio programs across the country, including the syndicated shows of Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden.

You can hear it on BarackObama.com.

Here are some other folks talking about why voting matters to them — and should matter to you and those you care about:

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