I could stop right there, but I like to include facts when I pronounce someone irrelevant.

Harold Ford, Jr., is irrelevant.  Irrelevant to the political diaspora, especially where African-Americans and everyone else are concerned.  Just ask his Memphis district about his representation of them for 10 years.

He was rated “Congressional Black Caucus – Worst Congressperson – EVER” – I mean, how can you manage to flunk the CBCMonitor Report cards unless you’re so into the pockets of corporations, you might as well turn Republican.

And he had the nerve to brag about his representation and his voting record.  He’s so irrelevant, that his successor, Steve Cohen, a white Jew, provides better representation and continues to get re-elected by landslides in a nearly all African-American district.  Marinate on that, if you will.

So, when I visit Crooks and Liars, and see Nicole Belle all but cussing out Harold Ford’s appearance on Meet the Press,  AGAIN, attacking Social Security, well, I couldn’t keep quiet.  Especially since Weird Harold thinks that Social Security needs to be cut to reduce the deficit:

HAROLD FORD JR: Look, you can’t pay off the debt without either cutting things or raising taxes. This is a pretty good mixture of things. The– the chairman is right in another regard. This is gonna happen. We’re gonna have to deal with our deficit either by Congressional and Senate and political leaders asking or the global capital markets will impose a harsher set of realities on us. Force interest payments to go up and change our standing in the world.

I would hope– and my– Speaker Gingrich is a friend. He has been not only a leader in his– in the Republican Party. He’s been a leader in a lot of ways for calling for a new American way. A new American majority. I would hope that all of the smart minds in Republican and Democratic Party could come together and say, “Look, this is a painful. But we’re gonna have to do this. If we’re serious with all this talk about our kids and our grandkids. We’re facing (UNINTEL) moment–“

Nicole had this to say:

At this point, my husband had to physically restrain me from throwing something at the screen. Is it really necessary to proclaim your devotion to a former Speaker of the House from the opposing party who had to step down amid scandals and failure? He’s not a leader of anyone right now, he’s grasping for relevance from a party that cannot control their direction thanks to the influx of low information tea partiers. But these nuances are lost on Ford.

This is the guy who:

Claimed his grandmother was a white woman to curry favor with rednecks in east Tennessee during his Senate race in 2006;

Voted Corporate interests, especially for the Bankruptcy Bill, while his Memphis District has the highest rates of foreclosures and bankruptcy filings:

Moved to New York City and thought he’d challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for the Democratic Nomination this year;

Begged then-Senator Obama to come to Tennessee to campaign for him – I think Mr. Obama went under protest, and the 1500 people that turned out didn’t come to see Harold;

Tried to pimp San Francisco Liberals into donating for that Senate race until the LGBT crowd got wind of his positions on gay marriage, and politicos like Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom said “Don’t call us; we’ll call you.”;

Chairs the Democratic Leadership Council – and therefore, is somewhat responsible for that dusting the Blue Dogs got two weeks ago.  When the choice is a fake Democrat and a real Republican (aka Tea Bagger), we know which way the voters went.

Works for Wall Street – and got fat paid while everyone else got ripped off.

Is a Fox Noise Contributor – the other token to join Juan Williams and Ron Christie.  Translation: “No Credibility -EVER.”

You notice when Harold’s asked to comment on ANYTHING, he can never give a straight answer?  He always has to piggy-back on someone else’s comments.  Even if those comments are wrong as hell.

But, who can forget this?

Not to mention he counts the odious Newt Gingrich among his friends, and proclaimed undying love for his POTUS, who, at the time of the proclaimation, was not Barack Obama, but GEORGE W. BUSH.  Harold has some weird friends, in that all of them meet the criteria for Klan members, and probably have hoods and robes in their closets at home.

We can call Harold a whole lot of names – Lawn Jockey, House Negro, Slave Catcher – not to mention that Skeptical Brotha has long referred to him as “The Whore”.  But, despite everything he’s ever done – everything he’s ever represented, I think Harold is immune to the taunts and catcalls.  Yet, since MTP and Fox still gives this joker air time to express opinions that are not his own, but always SOMEONE ELSE’S – the question that remains:


Rikyrah and I have a favorite movie – “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof”, with Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor.  Burl Ives, aka “Big Daddy” had the most memorable line when he referenced his family:

“Ah, Brick – can’t you smell it? The smell of MENDACITY…”

Harold Ford, Jr. brings the same smell of MENDACITY to any political discussion, debate, discourse.  I still haven’t forgiven Markos for bringing him to Yearly Kos in 2008 under the pretence of “having a debate” – hell, I was so upset, I posted this directly from the conference.

The bad news is that the whole shebangabang was nothing more than a love fest between Harold and Markos.  They kept allowing him to wander down memory lane when he was asked direct questions.  It was more of “where can we find common ground” bullshyt.

I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t have jack in common with a SNAKE.

It is more fitting to pronouce Harold’s relevance to the political landscape from here on in.  We have too many issues to address that requires relevant politicians to deal with them.  Tax Cuts for the Working Class.  Jobs. Reducing the unemployment rate.  Financial reform that really enforces the law.  IOW, Real Important Shyt.

And from where I sit, the smell of MENDACITY that is Harold Ford, Jr.,, makes him IRRELEVANT to it ALL.

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