I’m not completely sure why this has me so excited and emotional. I think partly it’s the recognition of activities so clearly present in my own family. Partly its an appreciation for how quickly the First Lady observes and learns the dance moves. Partly it’s my imagination of what it must mean for these little brown children to have America’s First Lady demonstrate such honor, respect and joy for their own traditions. Heads of state roll around the world and regularly partake in local cultures through the sampling of foods, the donning of specific dress and the mangling of a few choice phrases. Dance, however, when done well, comes straight from the soul and can’t be faked. First Lady Obama is clearly having a good time and clearly giving her full attention to the kids.

The President steps in later, reluctantly, with not nearly as much natural flow, and I’m sure his efforts were appreciated. But in my book, the winner is First Lady Michelle Obama. Way to go with the flow and share your own flavor, Madame First Lady!

As yall enjoy this clip, recall the words of Alvin Ailey who said “dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.” Thanks Mrs. Obama for delivering dance back to the people.

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