Here’s some of the stuff we’re hearing out there. Much thanks to Daily Kos, Mother Jones and anonymous, citizen reports. Keep em comin’ y’all.

From Daily Kos:

Some polling stations in Bridgeport, CT have run out of ballots, causing delays and short tempers. The mayor has requested that polls stay open to give everyone a chance to vote. This is a problem for Rep. Jim Himes (D-04), who needs Bridgeport to come out strong.

I’ve also heard from a source on the ground that the ballot shortages are concentrated in mostly black neighborhoods. How come it’s always our neighborhoods with no ballots, long lines, broken machines, etc? Gee…I wonder…things that make you go hmmm…

Also from DKos:

  • The Election Protection Coalition reports a new round of Spanish-language robocalls are going out in Los Angeles, telling people to vote tomorrow. (JT: wrong day!)
  • In Greensboro, NC a police checkpoint set up in a predominantly black, Democratic community near three voting sites could have prevented voters from going to those polls.
  • Overly aggressive poll watchers in St. Louis County have caused problems for some voters.

From MoJo on reports of weirdness in Sumter and Columbia:

Allen Olson, a coordinator for the Columbia Tea Party, says that tea party groups throughout the state had recruited poll watchers—and one group had focused efforts in the Sumter area. Olson notes, however, he had not heard about the alleged incidents of voter intimidation. “If they’re intimidating anyone I don’t condone that—I think it’s appalling,” he says. “As long as they’re legitimately registered and legitimately voting, I have absolutely no problem with it.” Depending on what’s confirmed, the allegations could make it harder for tea party activists to dispel the accusation that their members are racist.

The South Carolina Dems have yet to find direct evidence of Republican involvement or identified any specific tea party groups, and the state GOP did not reply immediately to a request for comment.

It’s not too late to vote and it’s also not too late to report problems with voting, even after the polls close. It can help protect peoples’ right to vote in the next election. If you see something, say something…here’s how:

Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE or 1-888-Ve-Y-Vota for Spanish language. You can also use text messaging or Twitter to report problems.

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