Seriously — at what point does the Congressional Black Caucus back away from this guy?

Here’s an update:

The AP reports “A House ethics panel has found Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel of New York guilty on 11 counts of breaking House rules. The full ethics committee will next conduct a hearing on the appropriate punishment for the former chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. The committee will then make a recommendation to the House.”

Charlie — if you’re out there — for the love of God, please just RESIGN already. You’re 80 years old! Take what dignity is left and just cede the field to younger, untainted leadership for Harlem in Congress. It’s going to happen with or without you. Eventually you’re going to have to retire or die in office (is that the plan)? Quit clownin’!

I mean, does Rangel expect black folks to give him a medal for “standing up to The Man”? Does he think that by walking out and not cooperating that this is a sign of strength rather than just ridick and desperate? Is he looking for a standing O from us after failing to pay taxes on his Dominican villa and mis-using other perks, then failing to take full responsibility? Do we look that stupid???

Hypervocal had the appropriate response to Rangel’s latest stunt and creating this parody video of LeBron James’ very strange attempt to redeem his legacy from disgruntled fans. To quote LeBron: “Should I admit that I made mistakes?” Um, yes, Charlie, it’s a little past time maybe for that.

Earlier … the entire political spectrum came together to share a post-partisan laugh at Rep. Charlie Rangel’s rather abrupt exit from his congressional ethics hearing. Rangel stood, made a short speech declaring he wouldn’t take part in the proceedings, and bolted for the door.

We asked you where Rangel went: On a plane to his Dominican villa? Headed home to his district for moral support? Voicing hilarious characters at Pixar? Posing as a male model for hammock catalogs? Some of you responded in the contest on our Facebook page. None of you were correct.

The New York Times reported that Rep. Rangel came back to his office in the Rayburn building to do work before emerging to get some hot soup. Typical liberal lamestream media bias.

We have proof that Rangel called up his friends at ad agency Wieden + Kennedy and churned out the quickest image-redeeming spot he could. The proof is this LeBron-esque rip-off called “(All) Rise.”

And we negotiated directly with the Harlem representative’s bruised ego for the exclusive rights to the finished product. Like the congressman, some time soon, it needs work.

Charlie Rangel parody video above. Original LeBron video below.

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