Bra Stuffed with MoneyLordy — when I heard about this story, I had to shake my head and sigh. Another burden for us to bear…

First off, the whole concept of Leslie Johnson, the First Lady of Prince George’s County Maryland — one of the most prosperous majority-black regions of the country — attempting to evade the long arms of the law by stuffing almost $80,000 into her bra is not only highly insulting to those black women out there who use their bosoms as legitimate financial storage areas…you know who you are…

It brings back unfortunate memories of William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson, former member of the Congressional Black Caucus and his attempt to hide about $100 ill-gotten Gs in his freezer disguised as frozen food wrapped in foil.

The whole thing makes black folks look really bad. The whole Tea Party was formed in partial freak-out to the concept of blacks in power. This is not going to be re-assuring, especially given the wide scope of the investigation, which involves both the FBI and the IRS. There’s a reason why this essentially local (if colorful) story made the national news, doncha think?

Ok, FYI — you know it’s serious money at stake when the IRS actually sends forensic accountants to your house. That might actually be some black history right there.

Never mind that:

  • it’s clear from the nine additional arrests that Jackson’s alleged posse of fellow criminals are plenty multicultural. From the WaPo:

The nine people arrested Monday were taken into custody early in the morning in an operation involving about 150 law enforcement officers who executed as many as a dozen search warrants. Among those charged are police Sgt. Richard Delabrer, 45, of Laurel, Cpl. Chong Chin Kim, 42, of Beltsville and Officer Sinisa Simic, 25, of Woodbridge. […] The others charged in the alleged booze and cigarettes scheme were identified as Melhi’s wife, Ravinder K. Melhi, 49; Amir Milijkovic, 39, of Bowie, who owns a College Park auto glass store; Chun Chen, 34, of Bowie; and Jose Moreno, 49, of Alexandria.

  • that a black man, Attorney General Eric Holder, is ultimately in charge of directing the FBI
  • that it’s the people of PG County, mostly African-American, who were hurt worst by this
  • in addition, of course, to Leslie Johnson’s poor bra, which likely will never be the same

No, there are people who will attempt to draw parallels to the leadership of Barack Obama. Don’t believe me? Check out these comments from locals in the DC area:

coffee4closers: How big a gal is Mrs. Johnson ? I mean, $80,000 stuffed in her “underwear”; was she wearing a tent ? The corrupt-black political machine is alive and well in PG County….And the White House.

Msettle1: Corrupt black politicians. Martin Luther King gave his life so that black Americans could every opportunity to reach the highest levels and what have they done with it? Crapped on it. The poverty of blackness is the poverty of the soul, the poverty of the character which has been bred into to them with the Great Society, Liberalism, the Democratic party, Pandering to their basest instincts, drugs and acceptance of hip hop and black gangster politics as “cool” instead of vile and degrading to the race. Thank you Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Rep. Jefferson and all the democratic hacks who make your skin crawl as they drag their ugly bags stuffed with money back and forth from Washington at the expense of millions of Black Americans who remain too uneducated to leave the plantation.

Chicago Ray: It’s whitey’s fault.

We all know it, we’re all racists for wanting black lawbreakers to go to jail. Lately seems like the “Club Fed” demographics are starting to mimic society’s pens…what a coincidence. NOT.

These people fail to apprehend the fact that a black-run White House is actually working hard to bring a corrupt black politician and his cronies to justice. It’s illogical to paint all black politicians with the same tar-laden brush under such circumstances, but hey, racism is the height of illogic, right?

My advice to the Obama Administration given the racial sensitivities here and the ever-expanding scope — I’m certain more salacious details will emerge, even including homeland security since there are military bases in PG County — put Eric Holder out front. When appropriate, he should represent the FBI’s actions here and put a brown face on law enforcement — not only on the enforced upon, naw mean.

Smart politics. Black people (and all people) deserve better than Jack Johnson and the Obama Administration would do well to remind people of the differences between good and bad black civil servants. Stereotypes of blacks no matter their position in society as two-bit criminals and thugs are too embedded in our society for the Obama Administration and even the Congressional Black Caucus to imagine that Jack Johnson’s black on black crime ain’t got nothing to do with them.

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