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Image to the left is a screen capture from CNN’s U.S. homepage yesterday. The “Zero African-Americans in Senate” is a truthful, shocking & disturbing stat we should be working as a nation to change. If we’re 12-14% of the population, that means there should be anywhere from 12-14 senators who happen to black. Not zero (0), ya feel me?


I’m traveling so I don’t have as much time to react reflectively and in detail to the midterms as I’d like. Nevertheless, here’s a few of the brainwaves I’m thinkin’ bout in the wake of the midterms. There’s a lot of buzz about the Tea Party’s successes, but really they are just a grassroots uprising of Republicans looking to reform their party. Because of social media and modern online communications, people can self-organize much more quickly now. I think however that because of the economy, any President would have faced a strong challenge from the opposition in this election. Overall I thought the Prez and First Lady did a fantastic job engaging voters and explaining their vision and accomplishments more clearly to the American people. I’d like to see more of that.

Tea Party Winners and Losers — and What It Means for Black Folks

Rand Paul – Winner. We’re really going to need to keep an eye on this guy. This is the racist who encouraged America to question whether certain aspects of the Civil Rights Act were really necessary.

Carl Paladino – Loser. I’m sure some NY civil servants are sorry that they won’t get to received emails from the governor laden with racist, sexist “jokes” that feature bestiality, but I’m guessing most aren’t. While it’s true that Paladino seems to be an equal opportunity hater of anyone who isn’t of Italian descent, I definitely think it’s good for New Yorkers of color that he will have no power over their lives whatsoever. Thanks to everyone who voted for Andrew Cuomo.

Sharron Angle – Loser. Her nakedly racist ads featuring sinister brown people (many of whom turn out to be not illegal immigrants but actual citizens) and smiling white people really disqualify her from representing the diverse state of Nevada either as senator or dogcatcher

Ken Buck – Loser. This guy also pursued a race-baiting and divisive campaign and I’m not at all sorry he lost. Hopefully he can learn the true meaning of one nation undivided, invincible.

Jan Brewer – Winner. While not an official Tea Party candidate, she certainly became their darling with her draconian and racist anti-immigration laws. We will have to continue to fight for justice and tolerance in AZ.

Marco Rubio — Winner. Believe it or not, I actually don’t have that big a problem with Rubio. He’s the new star of the Tea Party and one of their only minority leaders. He managed to keep the racism down. He’s an example to me of someone I can disagree with but who doesn’t disgust me. He says he’d like the Republican party to be pro-legal immigration not anti-illegal immigrant. I can respect and understand that. Personally I don’t think this dude is really a Tea Partier at heart but a canny politician who tapped into resources and energy needed to win. Worth watching — I think we’ll see and hear more from him and will need to keep him in line.

People Who Needed To Win

Harry Reid — Whew! That was close, honey. I’m not the world’s biggest fan, but Angle was unacceptable.

Deval Patrick — go ‘head, brother governor. Making us proud….

Jerry Brown — again, not my favorite politician but unlike Meg Whitman, he’s actually qualified for this office and at his age, he’s got nothing to lose. This is it so he might as well go for broke and pursue the real reform and cutting-edge initiatives CA needs to survive & thrive now.

Kendrick Meek — I loved this guy and was sorry to see him lose in FL. He handled his candidacy with dignity and faced pressure for Dem politicos to fold with integrity. I hope to see him run again. FL deserves leadership like this. Take a minute to read his inspiring concession and thanks to his supporters.

People Who Needed to Lose

Meg Whitman – proof that you can just not vote ever in your adult life and then expect that $140 million dollars cannot buy you the governor seat in one of America’s largest states and one of the world’s largest economies.

Carly Fiorina — so unqualified, so corrupt, so conservative. One of the worst CEOs ever and seriously unpopular. Congrats to Barbara Boxer for putting Carly back to bed.

Christine O’Donnell — um, not a witch AND not a Member of Congress either. Thank you Chris Coons for keeping it classy in the face of the absurdity. Why did this chick get so much airtime?

Alvin Greene — ok, we’re all relieved that Alvin will remain in his dad’s basement. I think we can all admit that now although I still would prefer him to Jim DeMint. That said, it would have been pretty entertaining and weirdly kinda cool for someone like Greene to have become a senator. This is still America and apparently you don’t have to even really be rich, powerful, articulate or even campaign and still get around 30% of the people of South Carolina to vote for you. Crazy story, that one…

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