I read some of the comments on the New York Times blog post:  White House Online Summit for African-American bloggers, but a commenter named Mike Green of Portland, OR does a real good job in calling out what’s really going on, especially re: the NYT Media Decoder’s subtext:

You buried the lede. In any other publication that’s forgiveable, but not in the NY Times. The point you made in the final paragraph of this post is the real story. Mainstream news media, including the New York Times, allowed this story to go unnoticed and languish, despite its circulation across Black America. The racial fault lines in media play out on the American landscape. And that’s a story. (emphasis mine)

Instead of that story being told, you decided to tell your own biased rendition: Black media and bloggers didn’t follow the rules, you say. The rules? Your point is made strongly at the beginning and again in the midst of this post, that traditional majority media (see White),have willingly followed White House rules for years. (emphasis mine) (One of the many reasons why news consumers cannot trust such media, especially when it becomes a cohort in covering up the foibles of leaders). Yet, Black media, when given its first chance to dance in the corridors of the White House, failed to follow the rules and keep the silly non-threatening secrets that White, ahem! I mean traditional media have always willingly kept.

Your subtle lambasting of Black media is the point of this post. The highly important issue of the separation of White and Black media, and the lack of access by Black media, and the disparity of recognition seems lost at the very bottom of your post. But then again, that’s where you relegated the issue, beneath your diatribe about how unruly Black media are.

Your post is essentially a reflection of the hostile attitudes that are pervasive in the media industry and politics toward Black media.

And if President Obama had NOT been elected, would Black media have ever been given this opportunity? And would have been given this opportunity to tear them down on a public stage?

It is our dirty little secret that racism prevails in media, isn’t it? And even when media personalities like Rick Sanchez seek to point it out, they, too, are roasted across the spit of media backlash. I suppose your rant about Black media not following protocol in the sacrosanct White House is merely a slap on the hand that Black media are to accept with humble and contrite spirits?

CPL’s take on Rick Sanchez (Sorry, while Rick Sanchez was an employed media pundit who lost his cool when referencing who runs what at CNN and incorporating a hatefest against Jon Stewart in the mix  – I distance myself from any rantings with ethnic slants like that.  There were ways Rick could have brought out his points and in the past, he has successfully done so.)  Meanwhile, Mr. Green continued to break it down into fractions:

The inherent audacity in White Privilege is hidden behind the facade of your holier-than-thou condescension toward Black media. Thanks for pulling aside the facade of “fair and balanced” media to show the ugly face of racism. Oh, wait! You’re not Fox News. Sorry, I got you mixed up for a moment. You’ll forgive my error, given that your post reads exactly like something I would see on the Fox News site.

Perhaps the outreach is to those who are going to report the TRUTH – which is something that is sadly lacking in today’s corporate “Rupert Murdoch” owned media.  I, for one, am glad to have been given the honor to be one of those whom the WH believes we will report what they are doing and report it honestly, with our own opinions as opposed to being in lockstep like the Bush Administration used to do.
And kudos to Mike Green, who saw the real truth and saw fit to point it out.  The story wasn’t in whether or not the Blogger breached the ground rules – the story was in the fact that Black Bloggers got an invite to the WH and you KNOW what people think when a group of Black people get together for anything or any purpose…
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