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Rachel Maddow: The Best Summary By Far
Well the best presenter of the facts by far has made what republicans don’t stand for as clear as day, and connected the dots with a clarity like no other presenter has done so far.

The connection between the lies spouted by the MSM and the campaigns being run by the Republicans is highlighted perfectly. The videos below the break need to be seen by as many Americans as possible before election day.

It’s the deficit stupid

No it is most certainly not, the republicans want to explode the deficit to the tune of $4 trillion by extending unpaid for tax breaks.

It’s the stimulus stupid

No it is not, republicans have heralded stimulus funds as good for job creation; but only for their own districts/States.

It’s about big government stupid

No it’s not, the republicans like no other party before want to control even our bodily functions and make victims out of the victims.

It’s about Obamacare stupid

No it is not, republicans are lining up for the funding it provides.

It’s about ‘teh’ populism stupid.

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