This is high on the list. Seems like another good name for this movie is “Lies.” With the advantage of time passed, we may forget how hard the administration and the media sold us on Pat Tillman’s story. He became the poster child for our war in Afghanistan, and he was used as a very effective mascot. The system required the myth of Tillman’s sacrifice to remain intact, because if the truth of Tillman came out, perhaps even more truths would emerge about just what we were doing and why.

And that brings me to comedian Bill Hicks. In a comment about gays in the military, Hicks reminds us to question the special pedestal on which we place “the military.” “Aren’t you hired killers?” he asks. In this country, we tend to love the idea of a waving flag and men in uniform making the “ultimate” sacrifice. Bill gets beneath the surface in this clip.

The official site for the movie appears to be down, but here are a few cities showing it at Landmark theatres.

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