Michael SteeleThis is the 2nd time I’ve heard vocal frustration from a normally cowed and compliant Black GOP. Earlier this year, folks (who are conservative) were wondering if this was going to be The Year of the Black Republican. Well, honey, that was before the Tea Party rallies where signs portrayed Obama as a monkey or a non-American (Kenyan Muslim Marxist) or Hitler. That had to be chilling but Black Republican didn’t speak up until Sarah Palin told Dr. Laura re: her repeated use of the N-word on the nation’s airwaves: “Don’t retreat…reload.” That was finally a bridge to far. From TheRoot.com:

Timothy Johnson, who as chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation works to get African-American Republican officials elected and increase the ranks of black members of the party, says that Sarah Palin needs to clarify her defense of Dr. Laura Schlessinger. He also says Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele needs to speak out against Palin.

The former Alaska governor made waves Wednesday by defending conservative radio talker Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s use of the n-word in a conversation with a radio caller. Schlessinger has since announced that she is stepping down from her top-rated program.

“Don’t retreat … reload!” Palin wrote on Twitter, adding that the effort to “silence” the radio host “isn’t American” and is “not fair.”

“Sarah Palin is not the chair of the Republican Party,” Johnson says. “She is a leading Republican, but from what I can tell, many black Republicans don’t use Sarah Palin as a benchmark. I hope Chairman Steele comes out in relationship to this issue. … You can support the sinner and not the sin. We need to separate respecting the doctor versus respecting what she says.”

“If she chooses to run for president in 2012, she is going to have to answer to black Republicans,” Johnson says of Palin.

You can read the rest of the article at The Daily Beast.

Lots of luck to our Republican brothers, who don’t seem to understand that dissing black people has been an essential part of Republican strategy since Ronald Reagan. Palin’s tweet is sure to rally those among the GOP faithful who are tired of mincing words about, er, Negroes.

See, it’s not just me…

Now there’s this which is a not-too-subtle nudge to Michael Steele, RNC HNIC.

Jerry Alexander, campaign manager for Marvin Scott, who is challenging Rep. Andre Carson (D), said the Scott campaign has received virtually no help from state or national GOP leaders.

“If you call getting no support, not even a phone call, not even a how are you doing kind of support, then I would have to say that is a pretty accurate assessment,” Alexander said.

Alexander said that he has talked with the other 14 African-American Republican candidates’ campaigns, and each has similar complaints.

“It’s been a bunch of guys grumbling that they are getting no support,” Alexander said of a slew of e-mails that were sent back and forth this week.

Alexander, who served as Rep. Mike Pence’s political director for nearly seven years, said his former boss is the only Republican who has helped the Scott operation. Pence, who represents Indiana’s 6th district, is the GOP Conference chairman, the No. 3 Republican leader.

“Our campaign didn’t even know there was a Boehner. Now what’s his job?” Alexander jokingly asked of the House Minority Leader, who is in line to become the next Speaker.

In particular, the Scott campaign is miffed that Steele traveled last week with his bus tour to Rep. Dan Burton’s nearby 5th district but didn’t stop at Scott’s district, about 3 miles away.

“It doesn’t take a lot of money, it just takes people saying we are in this, and the reality is I think Dr. Scott can win in spite of the challenges that we’re experiencing,” Alexander said.

Scott faces an uphill battle to beat Carson, who won the seat in 2008 following the death of his grandmother, Julia Carson, who represented the district for 10 years. The younger Carson won with 65 percent of the vote two years ago.

RNC spokesman Doug Heye pushed back against criticism that the GOP has not done enough for minority candidates this cycle. Heye said the bus tour has traveled to at least nine African-American candidates’ districts.

“We’ve been on this Fire Pelosi bus tour that has gone to all 48 states,” Heye said. “It doesn’t mean that we’ve been able to go to all 435 Congressional districts.”

3 miles can be such a long way if it’s a nice neighborhood Boehner’s visiting vs. well, a “negro” neighborhood. It appears that another Bush legacy — active GOP outreach to the African-American community — is biting the dust. The awkward alliance of the Tea Party with Republican infrastructure requires a delicate balance of bigotry designed to help alienated whites feel like their racism is not that racist. And it clearly includes keeping black candidates and black communities at arm’s length.

These are the throes of a dying party, folks. Steele is hanging onto his job by a thread and he’s keeping his brown nose (get it? double pun!) down so don’t expect much hip-hoppin’, shuckin’ nor jivin’ for black GOP candidates from him.

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