Wow — do Republicans really believe that they can speak this way to Obama administration officials? And does the fact that Holder is black make it easier to diss him and other African-Americans in the admin with such alacrity and vulgarity? This guy’s anti-gay stance is bad enough. But saying “F**k him” — even if you’re passionate about the issue of terrorist trials taking place in NYC — is beyond the pale of acceptable conduct for someone who wants to be governor of New York. Paladino’s racist emails (and sexist, tone-deaf non-apology) are disgusting enough but this shows the man as unfit to represent New York in a whole other way. Welcome to the Tea Party, Paladino! Ummm…vote Cuomo if you live in NY, btw…please!!!

From Daily Beast’s long list of the many reasons you should not vote for Clownin’ Carl:

Back in April, Paladino was accused of forwarding a string of racist and pornographic emails to colleagues. The website WNY Media claims to have all of the emails, which include one with the subject “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal” and links to a video clip showing African tribesmen dancing in a village. He also allegedly forwarded emails containing Barack and Michelle Obama dressed as a pimp and prostitute, and several sex videos, including a woman engaging in bestiality with a horse. He eventually apologized for the emails, saying, “To any of the ladies I’ve offended, I apologize. I say this to the men out there who have never opened a graphic image on the Internet: Don’t vote for me. For those who have, I welcome your vote.”

From Hotline:

In a previously unreleased video obtained by Hotline On Call, Paladino has some choice words for Attorney General Eric Holder when asked about holding terrorist trials in New York City.

Questioner: “If you were the chief executive of New York, what would your response be to the attorney general of the United States deciding to hold terrorist trials in Manhattan?”

Paladino: “F*** him. F*** him.”

The video was captured at a town hall meeting on March 26 in Tappan, NY.

Paladino’s remarks came after the the White House abandoned a plan to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City at the end of January. The plan sparked protests and eventually the White House decided against against it.

After Paladino’s remarks about homosexuality on Sunday, this is another example of the Republican’s unpredictability on the stump. It may also explain why former Rep. Rick Lazio (R) didn’t take him seriously in the GOP gubernatorial primary.

Check out the video below, the question begins about 2 minutes in.

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