Republican candidate for State Senate in IL and local Tea Party leader Al Reynolds had this to say about our brother men (courtesy of Global Grind):

“I’ve been in the city and the dichotomy of the women and the men in the minorities, there is a difference in the fact that most minority women, either the single parent or coming from a poor neighborhood, are motivated more so than the minority men…And it’s a pretty good reason. Most of the women who are single parents have to find work to support their family. The minority men find it more lucrative to be able to do drugs or other avenues rather than do education. It’s easier.”

The room went silent as Reynolds made his remarks.

Um … whathahell? Offensive and inaccurate much???

Elon James White tackles this disturbing fallacy as a man who grew up in the city. And is black. He also reminds us all that it’s really important to vote. The only thing standing between this guy having some kinda power over your future and your kids’ future and not having any power — is your power to vote. I know you’re gonna vote — cuz you reading this here blog. Naw, you need to lean on the triflin’ people at your church, your job, your cousin Tyrone etc to man up and git er done. Use your superpower and use it now — vote early if you can. I did! And now — Elon and a new TWiB!

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