At Bonnaroo (the big music festival) in June earlier this year, Jay-Z spoke out clearly. The hip-hop generation(s) helped elect the first black president which shows: “Anything is possible.” And he’s right. Now is the time to (as he says succinctly):

Fight for what’s right. Fight for what you believe in. And stay forever young.

The Jay-Z “Vote Again 2010” PSA is a 30 second spot that will appear on CBS, Fuse and several major cable networks, encouraging your participation in the midterm elections. Fact is: 22.4 million Americans under the age of 30 voted in 2008 – the highest number in U.S. history. Nearly half (48.5%) of voters age 18 to 24 cast their ballots. These young voters were the only age group to show an increase in voter turnout on a percentage basis (compared to 2004).

If you vote again in Nov this year, you’ll join thousands and millions of people who believe like you and me — that we’ve come too far to give up now to the forces that want yesterday, not tomorrow. Thanks to Headcount for hipping us to this great vid …

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