Two years after the last major election cycle, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is still on the books, 9% of the country is still unemployed and too little has been done to address our energy consumption and our broken immigration system.

You’d be right to question those who have been in a position of power, those in a position to help that haven’t. You’d be right to want to question them directly- and thanks to platforms like 10Questions, maybe you even took the opportunity to do so.

Over the last several months 10Questions, a project of the Personal Democracy Forum, leveled the playing field and gave thousands of Americans the opportunity to directly engage candidates running in competitive races across the country. The platform is grounded in the understanding that technology can and should be used to give those with questions access to those with answers… and from now until Election Day, the answers are open for our review. Fourteen candidates responded to the crowd-sourced questions directly via video. Everyone from Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer in California to Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal in Georgia weighed in.

Take a minute to vote on their answers here. We have the opportunity to provide them direct feedback on their answers. This isn’t a beauty pageant or a partisan ploy, but rather an opportunity to vote on whether their answers actually addressed the questions posed.

Fundamentally, Election Day is our day. This election cycle, more than others in recent memory, candidates have been more reluctant than ever to actually get nailed down on specific policy stances and campaign promises. Time after time, we’ve watched legislation die in the halls of Congress…members of the Congress should have to answer for that.

364 days a year, they have their say. This November 2nd, we have ours.

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