The Prez and First Lady recently made a video backstage at one of their many events around the country. They are both out there pounding the pavement, trying to encourage folks to vote. They’ve got an extra-special and heartfelt ask for you. You know they haven’t really asked that much of us individually since the election so I hope you’ll give this some real thought.

This is an election season where your vote can make or break whether a candidate makes it. And whether or not the Obamas are able to keep helping this nation heal. Why do you think there are already people encouraging minorities NOT to vote??? They know we can keep both Hope and Change alive with our votes. Did you hear that the much-maligned TARP bailout is actually making an 8.2% profit for the American taxpayers? That’s pretty good. We must keep the momentum going and not run into a racist roadblock with the Tea Party’s name on it.

The President said with Michelle nodding beside him and his hand on her shoulder:

This election isn’t just about one vote or one party. It’s about your future. It’s time to get out there and shape it. And it’s time to get out there and fight for it.

The First Lady said:

Now is the time to make plans, not just to vote but to help get out the vote.

What are they asking of you:

In the final four days before November 2nd, it’s all hands on deck to remind folks to get out and vote on Election Day.

From October 30th-November 2nd, volunteers will get together to knock on doors and make calls to as many voters as possible. But these important conversations can’t happen without you.

Sign up for a shift to help during the final four days before November 2nd–and an organizer will follow up with more details.

Now they’ve got morning, afternoon and evening shifts – so there’s gotta be a time that works for you, right? If you live in a state where the election is real close and someone embarrassing and/or dangerous as hell might have a actual shot of getting elected without folks like us taking the time to vote — well, then, you know what to do. History is being made here — don’t let it be made without you.

Time to get fired up and ready to go, y’all! We can do this. Let ’em just try and stop us…We’ve come too far to go back now.

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