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I saw Tim Kaine, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee on the Daily Show last night. He was good and on message if seemingly a little over-tense and over-chipper. People are definitely not feeling chipper these days. (clip above). I like the “Democrats as underdogs” message – I think it’s true.

Overall, I like his roll. It’s the right message over all and I think Democrats need to get even more positive and shoot for America’s ideals, not just their fears. You know who’s been real quiet lately? Kaine’s counterpart, Michael Steele. Has anybady heard from that guy lately? Did the Koch brothers finally put a hit out on him or have him locked up in Rupert Murdoch’s basement? I admit, I kinda miss the comic antics of our favorite RNC chair. Come back Mike! Tim Kaine’s eatin’ yo lunch! I also agree with Kaine’s strategy going after Rep. John Boehner, Mr. Orange, the man who would be Speaker of the House if the Republicans regain control. That guy’s positions are not what Americans want — he’s the kind of guy who’s voted to cut veterans benefits, to cut unemployment benefits and against legislation to keep teachers, firefighters and police on the job in local communities — and showing them to the light of day

Here’s an excerpt from a big speech Kaine gave yesterday in Pennsylvania:

If you want the President to succeed, you have to make sure that he has good partners to work with.  The other guys want to take the country back.  But we need to have the President’s back.  And we do that by going back to the polls on November 2 and putting good Democrats in place to keep moving this nation forward.

The President can’t get anything done without the support of Congress.  I mean anything.  Without the support of Congress, the President wouldn’t have been able to make progress on the change the American people expect and demand.  From the Recovery Act that helped prevent a second Great Depression and the Affordable Care Act that makes sure that no one is ever again denied insurance because of heartless insurance company rules; to student lending reforms that make college more affordable for millions of America’s students and Wall Street reform that finally begins to hold big banks accountable.

The President could not have enacted that legislation without the help of Democrats in Congress.  And he can’t defend that legislation from Republican attack and repeal without Democrats in Congress.

Congressional Democrats have been essential to the President’s success—and they have been essential to America’s progress throughout history.

Almost every major piece of legislation enacted to help build the American middle class was passed by a Democratic Congress.  Almost every protection you count on was put into place by Democrats.

A Democratic Congress passed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

A Democratic Congress passed Social Security Act and Medicare.

A Democratic Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act which included the minimum wage.

Democratic Congresses passed the Equal Pay Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act

The Democratic Party did those things because that’s who we are—we do things to help regular, everyday Americans and middle class families and small businesses get ahead.

Because of that, voters have always turned to the Democratic Party in tough times.

They turned to Democrats in the 1930s, when they elected President Franklin Roosevelt to end the Great Depression.

They turned to Democrats in the 1960s, when they elected President Kennedy to tackle the challenges of a new era.

They turned to Democrats in the 1990s, when they elected President Clinton to get the American economy moving again after more than a decade of failed Republican leadership and ballooning national debt

And they turned to Democrats in 2008, when they elected President Obama to halt America’s slide into a second Great Depression, after suffering through a decade of failed economic policies that left families treading water while the wealthy few prospered and corporate special interests wrote the rules.

When the President took office, his top priority was to help hard-working Americans hold onto their jobs, their businesses, and their homes in the midst of the worst economic crisis in generations.  And his priority continues to be creating the jobs Americans need to succeed.  He is doing this by working with Congress to build a new path to economic growth—a path that relies on the American spirit of innovation and the strong work ethic of American citizens.

That’s why our President and Congress enacted tax cuts for 95% of working families and millions of small businesses.  That’s why they passed legislation guaranteeing women equal pay for equal work.  And that’s why they passed the Recovery Act

As a result of the President’s economic plan, folks right here in Pennsylvania are going back to work.  In this state alone, the Obama Administration’s policies have helped to jumpstart 130,000 jobs for hard-working Pennsylvanians—just in the second quarter of this year.

In Philadelphia, 17,000 Pennsylvanians hit hard by the recession have been able to find help at Recovery Act-funded PA CareerLink centers.  When they came to those centers they had no work and little hope.  Some were struggling to pay the bills and surviving on credit cards.  Others were struggling just to keep their families in their homes.  Despite filling out application after application, they couldn’t find jobs.  But with the help of the CareerLink centers, many are now back at work or in training for a new career.

Across the country, the President’s economic plan has helped to spur private sector job creation.  The American economy lost private sector jobs for 22 months in a row beginning in early 2008.  But we have now gained private sector jobs for each of the last 8 months.  Up to 3.3 million people employed in June owed their jobs to the Recovery Act.  And an economy that was shrinking in 2008 is growing again.

Instead of sitting at home, those 3.3 million workers are helping to lay a new foundation for American growth and prosperity.  They are rebuilding the roads, rails, and runways that will help American businesses grow and add jobs.  They’re building the solar panels, wind turbines, electric car batteries, and other critical 21st century goods here in the United States instead of overseas in China and India.   They’re back at work making American cars—including the cars of tomorrow—vehicles with better gas mileage and reduced emissions…

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