I bet he & his thug friends will now cross the street to avoid crossing in front of her home.

from The Grio

Elderly woman shoots brick throwing 12-year-old boy
When neighborhood children began throwing bricks at her home, an elderly Chicago woman, believed to be in her late 60s took matters into her own hands by firing shots.

She chased the boys and fired shots after they would not put the bricks down, a police source said.

A 12-year-old boy who neighbors describe as a “little monster” and the head of a small neighborhood gang is recovering after she shot him in the arm.

Throwing bricks at the elderly woman’s house wasn’t the only damage the 12-year-old boy had done.

“This little boy started a fire in her grill, burned out her garbage can…he was a little terror,” said neighbor Hilda Brunt. “This has been going on for weeks.”

She remained in police custody Tuesday night, but police said she may not be charged because she may have fired shots in self-defense.

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