Dave Neiwert featured this over at Crooks and Liars over the weekend. It must be so hard for the Tea Party to find creative ways to express their racism in ways that don’t look so racist. Cuz no one wants to be racist. It’s not cool.  This looks like a pretty unsuccessful effort.This is part and parcel of what Limbaugh and Beck promote — their version of an imminent apocalypse in which Obama’s America will turn into a communist paradise where lazy niggers take hard-earned white money and recycle it to stop working and live off the government dole. Pure, sick, white supremacist fantasy. I hope President Obama someday inhabits our 20 dollar bill instead of the genocidal Indian killer Andrew Jackson — different dreams, I suppose…

So much for Tea Partiers hiding their racism. Even when they’re trying to be on their best behavior because they know everyone’s watching them, eventually it comes out.

Our own Jamie at Intoxination apparently gets the Tea Party Nation newsletter. The above graphic was featured on yesterday’s newsletter.

It was part of a piece titled “Where to put Obama’s picture”, featuring a number of different dollar bills: George Washington on the One, Lincoln on the Five, etc. Then it concluded with Obama on the food stamp, with the following script:

Now, someone like Bill O’Reilly might have trouble seeing this for what it is, but we all know: This is classic racist stereotyping, race-baiting with a wink and a nudge, delivered in that well-honed dog whistle.

You know, we all get it: Food stamps equals poor people. Poor people equals black people. Obama gives out welfare to black people. Because they’re lazy and love their welfare. Here, boy!

No doubt the Tea Partiers will insult our intelligence and try to claim that heavens, no, they didn’t mean anything racist by putting Obama’s picture on a food stamp.

I remember just a couple of years ago we weren’t fooled:

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