Do you think Jezzy vs Rick Ross or 50 Cent’s beef with  The Game is gangsta? Shoot, we’d all agree that Jay-Z and Snoop stopped being gangsta long ago. But Jasiri X and his crew point us in the direction of real gangstas in their new rap video — the ones on Wall Street who commit crimes against Americans and get away with it, even get rewarded for it.

I think Congress and the Obama Administration have underestimated the deep and pervasive frustration on both the right and the left out there. Wall Street messed up bad — and got a bailout. Meanwhile, I know a nurse’s aide who got ripped off twice by The Man – once in being talked into a subprime mortgage and then again when she sought help from a man who promised to help her avoid foreclosure — who ended up being a con artist. She’s a single mom who’s now out on the street – no home and no money. Where’s her bailout?

I also know an upper middle class family facing a balloon interest rate who are trying to sell their home because they didn’t understand what they’d signed up for. But their house in San Mateo is under water — but no bailout for them either. Meanwhile, almost no one on Wall Street went to jail or appears to have suffered much.

I get it in part — saving Wall Street meant saving a lot of people’s pensions and retirement savings. But I don’t think that’s clear to a lot of people. Instead, the middle class feels like gangsta law is in effect — and we’re the ones who got held up. The party that convinces the American people that they’re on the side of ordinary folk? That’s the party that will win come November. I don’t agree with everything in Jasiri’s video, yet I recognize that the sentiments expressed are felt by many.

Here’s Jasiri’s description of this music video:

Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan and Jasiri X go on location to New York and Chicago to show the world who the Real Gangstas are, you know the ones who collapsed the economy and were rewarded with billions of dollars. Produced by GM3 “Real Gangstas” is not meant to be a diss song, but a defense of young Blacks and Latinos who are made out to be scapegoats for our country’s ills, while the super wealthy continue to add to their tremendous fortunes at the expense of the poor and middle class. Special thanks to Edward 6X for directing the Chicago shoot.

I asked him for the names of the “real gangstas” in the video since we should probably know a lot more about these cats and their influence on the policies that impact us. Here’s his list:

Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild-Executive Chairman of Rothschild International & David Rockefeller- Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission aka Super Gangsters

Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke: Federal Reserve & Henry Paulson, Tim Geithner: Treasury Department- architects of the bailouts

Bernie Madoff- self explanatory

Richard Fuld: former Lehman Brothers CEO & John Tain: former Merrill Lynch CEO – banks that helped cause the economic collapse but still got billions

James Dimon: CEO JP Morgan Chase, Vikram Pandit: CEO Citigroup, Lloyd Blankfein and Ken Lewis: CEO Bank of America- Banks that got the most bailout money

Summer Redstone: Viacom, Doug Morris: Universal, Edgar Bronfman: Warner Music Group, and Jimmy Iovine: Interscope Records- Real Rap Gangstas

Rupert Murdoch -News Corp- Self Explanatory (Glenn Beck’s Pimp)

Eric Schmidt CEO of Google, Steve Jobs Apple, & Bill Gates Microsoft- Tech Gangstas

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